Why is the Henry Hoover Range of Vacuum Cleaners a Good Investment?

Henry Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

The Henry Hoover range of vacuum cleaners is a staple in most homes. They are an excellent investment if you want a clean house without exerting pressure on yourself. You can efficiently clean your house and even enjoy the process along the way. Here is why these vacuum cleaners are so popular with every household.

Use of Modern Technology

The Henry Hoover range of vacuum cleaners might have retained the signature smiley-faced exterior, but a lot has transformed under the hood. The core machinery has been upgraded, resulting in better suction than ever before. They are powered by a Twin Flo two-stage, 1200 W professional motor, making them suitable for heavy and rigorous cleaning.

Use of Bags

While many modern vacuum cleaners are doing away with bags, Henry Hoover still chooses to retain them. The bags make it possible to collect a lot more dirt in comparison to the bagless cleaners. You don’t have to stop your cleaning spree to empty the mess in between, saving you lots of time.

The dirt stays inside, and you just discard them once they are full. Installing a new bag hardly takes a few minutes, and they are way more affordable than you think. A pack of twenty bags will cost you less than twenty pounds! Since they collect huge amounts of dirt, they will last you for several months at a stretch.


Those who believe in functionality and want value for money will find the Henry Hoover range most suited for their needs. This range of machines have impressed homemakers since the eighties, and with regular maintenance, they work till this day. The motors are designed to last you for years, keeping the mechanical aspects simple and concentrating on cleaning rather than style.

Wide Range of Options to Choose From

Over the years, several new members have been added to the Henry Hoover family. Apart from the two Henrys, there is a Charles. Hetty is a girl with the same functions as Henry. James is more compact and very efficient, while George prides himself on good looks!

Charles and George are wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which is a requirement in most homes today. They can be used on almost any surface, and George does well to clean large business spaces. These smiley-faced vacuum cleaners are sure to become a part of your home in no time. There is a new cordless version with two long-lasting batteries and no cables to plug into.

Efficient Cleaning Anyone Can Do

The Henry Hoover range of vacuum cleaners is light and can be dragged across your house, over any flooring. The power cord is very long, and the vacuum head cleans all nooks and corners effortlessly. Even your kids will want to help you clean the house because cleaning with a Henry Hoover almost seems like a play to them.

Besides, the Henry Hoover range of vacuum cleaners is way more affordable than many other leading brands in the market. They are all about substance and efficiency, and they will be well suited for use in any household.


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