Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD has long been known to have a variety of beneficial properties. These days, it’s common to at least know a few people who use it for certain reasons. Perhaps they need to calm down or have trouble sleeping. However, people aren’t the only ones who can benefit from CBD oil. Your pets may also be able to benefit from it.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. While it’s naturally found there, it lacks THC, the component found in marijuana or hemp that gives people that “high” feeling. CBD oil carries certain benefits, which is why many people have taken to using it.

It can also help with pets in various ways. Like humans, dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems that allow them to experience benefits from CBD oil. It’s worth knowing what those benefits might be if you have a pet that might be able to feel better due to a specific condition.

Relieves Anxiety

Furry friends can suffer from anxiety like humans. Whether your dog has serious separation anxiety or your cat is terrified during thunderstorms, you can buy cbd oil from trusted places like cbdMD to treat them. Putting a few drops into their food can calm them down and ease their mind as well.

Improves the Skin and Coat

Some pets suffer from skin conditions that can also affect their coat. Using CBD oil as a topical ointment directly on the skin can help to heal skin rashes, irritation, itching, redness and other problems that plague your pets. Pets that have chronic skin conditions can greatly benefit from topical CBD oil being sprayed twice per day directly to the affected areas.

It’s an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

CBD oil is a good anti-inflammatory agent, which allows pets to gain relief from a number of veterinary conditions. It can improve the immune system’s response and relieve swelling and pain.

For example, if your pet is older and suffers from arthritis, giving them CBD oil can positively impact their bones and joints and improve mobility. Your pet may better be able to get around after they’ve had the oil for a couple of months.

Improves Sleep Quality

Although pets don’t typically have difficulty sleeping like humans, CBD oil can help them get to sleep faster. If you have a pet that’s particularly hyper or excitable, you can calm them down and get them to sleep during times when it would benefit them. For instance, if you’re taking your dog to the vet, they usually know it and might give you a hard time when putting them in the car to go to the veterinary office.

Using CBD oil can not only calm them down but allow them to nap on the way. This has a two-fold benefit as it lets your pet relax and gives you an uneventful trip to the vet.

How Can You Give CBD Oil to Your Pets?

There are multiple ways you can administer CBD oil to your pets. It’s not so simple to just give your dog or cat a spoonful of the stuff, so if you need them to eat it, you can add it to a treat like some peanut butter or cream cheese. Another option is to add it to their water, but it might be more feasible to give them something like chicken broth or water drained from a can of tuna.

You can also add CBD oil directly to your pet’s skin and fur by spraying it on or rubbing it on the skin.

CBD oil can certainly benefit your pet just as it can benefit you. You can speak to your vet and see what they think about its uses.


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