6 Factors To Consider Before Relocating to Texas

Relocating to Texas

When it comes to Texas, everything is much bigger and better. At least that’s what everyone who has never been to Texas thinks. Cowboys, guns, tumbleweed, boots, and barbeque grills are a few things that may come to your mind if you consider relocating to a place like Texas. However, many things about Texas will surprise you, from being the second largest state in the U.S to being home to many Fortune 500 companies. That’s right, many things will surprise you about this lively state, and that is why you should know and consider some of the following essential factors before moving to Texas.

1. Expect a very warm drive

The first thing that comes to mind after cowboys when you hear the word Texas is heat. Many may even go as far as calling it the gateway to hell because it is one of the hottest states in the United States. The temperature can shoot up as high as 100 degrees that you can probably have a good BBQ in this weather without the fire. Moreover, if you move to places like Dallas or Prosper, the weather can be extra hot and muggy. That is why before anything else, we recommend that you get climate control prosper self storage units ahead of your relocation. By the time you’ve finished moving into your new house, the blazing heat may have harmed your fragile and expensive possessions. So, even though you won’t mind the sticky and humid weather, think about the safety of your stuff.

2. Nature will be all around you

The drive to Texas from many states is full of tons of magnificent natural sights. For a nature and outdoor activity enthusiast, Texas is a dream come true if you relocate to it anytime soon. From the Death Valley and Enchanted Rock State Park to historic locations like Texas’ Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas is full of character and natural beauty. Texas has some of the best state and public park systems in the country, primarily due to its unique horizontal growth pattern in urban centers’ expansion. It means that you will have many opportunities to enjoy year-round activities like hiking, trekking, biking, bird watching, and even kayaking in the lakes. You can hit the beach, camp in breathtaking state parks, or enjoy the scenery.

3. Prepare to tackle heavy traffic

If you hate traffic, then you’d want to think twice before moving to Texas. Although traffic is nearly always heavy in most regions of the country, you may experience booming traffic here that is not to your liking. You will mostly encounter this problem if your work and home are miles apart. Moreover, because the cities are far apart, it is advised that you bring a personal car with you. On the bright side, this state is home to the most extensive light-rail system in the U.S despite a lack of public transportation. You can always opt to skip the traffic and commute through public transportation. Also, there are many areas in Texas where you can go about on foot and avoid traffic altogether.

4. Pay fewer taxes

Apart from BBQs and cowboy boots, Texas is famous for living standards because taxes are lower here. The sales tax isn’t higher, and it is one of the few states where the residents don’t pay state income tax. Not only this, but Texas is also a haven for business owners as the state offers various incentives for businesses and does not collect corporate tax. It means that Texas offers a unique opportunity in terms of savings, boosting trade, and keeping the bulk of your earnings to yourself. Texas is funded partly by royalties and taxes on the oil and gas industry. At the same time, the average per-capita local and state tax is also meager compared to other states. So, if you trade nice weather to lower taxes, we’d say it is not a bad deal.

5. A better job and the housing market

Texas is stereotyped a lot when it comes to the standard of living and the job market. On the other hand, Texas is home to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies, with Austin being the state’s potential “Silicon Hills.” Not only the job market but the Texas housing market is pretty affordable as well. With low taxes and better job opportunities, it is relatively easy to afford property in taxes. Data show that property prices in the state have grown by 6.7 percent in the last year and are anticipated to rise much more. If your main concern for moving is to look for better job opportunities and an affordable housing market, then you’ve chosen a good state.

6. A haven for foodies

If there is one thing we can’t forget to mention about Texas, it would be the food. There is more to Texas’s cuisine than just grilled meat and BBQs. It is a haven for foodies that houses many award-winning restaurants and exclusively high-end fine dining. Texas is a melting pot of culinary comforts with dishes that satisfy everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. Not only is Texas famous for its food, but it also created the first frozen margarita machine. It got subsequently converted into a soft-serve ice cream machine. No matter where you relocate to Texas, you will always find smoked sausages and beef at every turn with an endless variety of TexMex dishes.


Texas is the land of opportunities and a fresh start for many. Anyone who thinks relocating to Texas is a step down should know that the only down step to this place is the scorching heat. Aside from that, if you don’t mind the heat, Texas has a lot to offer, from excellent cuisine and many natural parks to cheap taxes and a thriving employment market. Therefore, consider the weather, the condition of your neighborhood, nearby amenities, and the cost of living before relocating to Texas.


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