Everything A Cat Owner Must Do


Animals are part of our ecosystem, and when we look at their newborns, we all go in awe over their cuteness. Many people love to have animals as their pets. Some people are fond of cats, dogs, rabbits, or even birds. Having a pet is not an issue, but the struggle gets real when you have to look after your pet, especially if it is your first experience of having any pet. You can find many cats and dogs owner in your neighborhood. Cats and dogs are preferred by many people to have as their pets.

It is indeed a refreshing experience to enjoy your pet’s company and admire their cute, playful personalities. If you are a first-time pet owner or already surrounded by a squad of naughty kittens, you cannot just let them be on their own. Pets are more like family members, and taking care of them is essential just as we look after our health and well-being. Spending time with your pet will not only help you feel relaxed, but it will also boost their mood and emotional health. Having a pet also means that you will have to go beyond measures to keep your house clean and fight all the odors that may surround you because of their litter and poop.

Some people love pets, but they will not dare to have one at their home because of the odor caused by their litter. If you happen to have a cat and wonder about the cat litter cost, you can easily check some online. Similarly, you can visit your nearby pet store and find litter at reasonable prices. Owning a cat or any other pet entails the responsibility of looking after their health and hygiene.

Here is what you should do as a cat owner to keep your pet healthy and happy.

1. Litter-train them.

The first and foremost thing that you, as a cat owner, should know is about their litter training. Kittens need the practice as adult cats are old enough to sort out their litter box. Usually, when we adopt a kitten, they are around eight weeks old, the shelter or the person train them accordingly. Once you bring a kitten home, the first thing you should introduce to them is their litter box. Within one or two attempts, they will learn that they have to go to their litter box. The next thing that comes with litter training is keeping the litter box clean to minimize the odor. You can find a scented litter that will deodorize the smell, and you can scoop out the clumps to get rid of the smell.

2. Have a Vet appointment.

Your cat might not exhibit any symptoms if they are sick, but you can sense the changes in their behavior. If they are not eating their food or spending most of their day inactive, the chances are they are not feeling well. They can also exhibit mood changes and might not play with you at all. Upon noticing these signs, it is essential to have an appointment with a vet to rule out any diseases that might be bothering your cat. Having regular check-ups with the vet can prevent many diseases and help your cat stay healthy.

3. Look after their hygiene.

As a cat owner, you must be getting the complaints of fur lying around or the smell surrounding your house. Combing your cat can reduce the hair fall, and since they shed a lot of hair, combing them twice a week will gather all the fur that is loose and prevent it from sticking on your furniture or clothes. You can also take your cat to pet groomers to trim their hair, clip their nails, and give them an overall grooming service.

4. Fix their eating schedule.

Kittens do not know when their belly is full. They might keep meowing to give you a false signal of being hungry. No matter what you do, do not free-feed them. Free-feeding, your cat, will not only lead to overeating, but it will also make them obese. Try to fix your cat’s eating schedule and give them the food enough to finish in one go. Do not overfill the bowl. Keeping the bowl full will also get them to eat more than they need.

5. Love and play.

Let us not forget the fact that animals are sensitive beings. They are not like showpieces to bring home and keep them aside. If you have a cat around you, it also needs attention and care to feel happy and safe. Get your cat some stuff-toys to play with and give them a lot of love and gentle belly rubs. You can provide them with a paper ball or any other ball that they can play with, and you can also bring them other toys to chase around.


Cats are sensitive feral beings that need unconditional love and care. Their purrs can help you overcome your stress, but you will have to return some love to them. Look for any harmful object that can hurt your cat and keep it away. Replace the plants that can be toxic for cats or any chemicals that can lead to health disasters. Keeping a check on your cat’s health is essential, and giving them anti-flea baths once a month will prevent any flea attacks and leave your cat happy and healthy.


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