Why Your Dropshipping Company Needs a Virtual PO Box

Virtual PO Box

Starting a dropshipping company as a side business or with the intention of turning it into your primary source of income is very popular right now. The benefits of not needing a large amount of start-up capital, and instead relying on your knowledge and skills in internet marketing make the idea of a dropshipping business one of the most popular new business ventures around.

If you’re running or planning to start a dropshipping company, chances are you don’t want to have to give out your home address or handle physical mail and receive returns. That’s where a virtual PO box comes in.

It’s Digital Post

With a virtual PO box, you can direct your customers to send all mail and packages to this address, and the services like physicaladdress.com will scan everything you receive, allowing you to access it via an online mailbox, almost as if it was email. You can read and download soft copies of your mail and even physically forward any mail or packages you receive to your virtual PO box on your request to wherever they need to go. The best part is, you can do this all from within the virtual PO box interface, so you never have to go to the PO box to collect your mail like you would with a traditional PO box.

Keep Your Address Private

By its very nature, your dropshipping business likely doesn’t usually have a big office space and might even be operated from home. For privacy reasons, you might not want to share your home address with your customers and having an online PO box is perfect for this. An online PO box service will provide you with a physical postal address that you can publish on your website and social media. And this way you can keep your own address private.

Product Return Forwarding

No matter how high quality your products are, there will be instances when customers will want to return items they’ve purchased because they are defective or they aren’t happy with their purchase. An online PO box can be handy here too. You can use it for your customers to send product returns to and the service can then forward these returns back to you or your supplier for you, without you having to handle them at all. Since the shipping labels will be scanned for you, you can also direct the packages to the right place.

It Saves You Time and Effort

If you are operating from home, or a small office, handling a lot of post, packages, and returned inventory might be challenging. Using a virtual PO box can be an option to overcome this challenge. It will also save you the time of having to scan your post, providing pre-scanned soft copies for you to digitally file immediately.

A virtual PO box has many uses, and if you make effective use of one for your dropshipping business, you can overcome many different challenges related to physical post and packages that are being sent to your business.


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