Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners to Start Their Journeys With

Dota 2 Heroes

Dota 2 is among a few of the most complex games in the gaming industry today. A seemingly simple 5v5 match requires players to keep track of multiple unique abilities, cunning enemies, and numerous side quirks as well.

For those who want to dive into the Dota 2 universe, the initial experience can be somewhat overwhelming. You have to choose from over 100 heroes, and all of them possess unique and insane abilities. The decision is crucial because not every hero would be the right choice if you are new to the game.

Thus, we thought to shortlist a few heroes that you should start your journeys with. After some time though, when you understand the mechanics of the game, you may explore more complicated heroes to expand your command over the Dota 2 universe. So, let’s get started.


On the top of our list is the hero none other than Sniper. This hero belongs to the Agility attribute, which means the overall focus is on speed. While his Shrapnel ability is active and requires toggling, his other two abilities, Headshot and Take Aim, are passive and improve your stats automatically without any intervention.

His ultimate ability, Assassinate also does not require any complex maneuvers; all you need to do is click on a certain enemy hero if they are in your range, and your hero takes care of the rest. Nevertheless, Sniper is a famous Carry hero in Dota 2 if you know the hero well enough.

Dragon Knight

Moving on to the Strength attribute, Dragon Knight is a phenomenal choice if you enjoy annihilating waves of creeps and stunning your enemies for long durations. His Breathe Fire ability enables you to release a flaming hot breath that burns your enemies to the crisp.

His Dragon Tail ability further allows you to stop your enemies in their tracks as you smash them with your shield, causing some damage. His most intriguing ability is his ultimate, the Elder Dragon Form, which magically transforms the knight in shining armor into an enormous fire-breathing dragon. As you level up, this ability improves as well as the Elder Dragon gains additional abilities.


Another melee Carry hero that you could always consider is Bristleback. The hero makes sure that no matter who he faces, he always comes out on top. His sharp-spiked back is always there to protect him and deal with any damage as his enemies try to sneak up behind him.

His most prominent is Quill Spray, which enables him to release dangerous spikes causing damage to all nearby enemies. However, his ultimate ability, Warpath stands out as it pushes him into a frenzy every time he casts a spell, and ultimately increases his movement speed and damage.


Intelligence heroes are known for their need to consume large amounts of mana to perform demanding magical spells. Players also need to master crazy key combinations in order to successfully overpower their opponents.

That being said, Lion is one of the simpler heroes in the intelligence pool. Even though all his abilities are active and require constant keystrokes, they are rather simple and you can easily master them. As long as you are able to figure out the right combo of Lion spells, no hero will be able to get the better of you, ever.


Coming back to the Strength attribute, Axe is a hero that helps you achieve instant kill streaks. As the name suggests, this hero wields a powerful axe unlike any other hero in the game. The abilities you need to watch out for this hero are Counter Helix and Berserker’s Call. While the first ability makes sure that you automatically deal damage to everyone almost every time they attack you, the second ability is there to trap them in a constant attacking state so that Counter Helix can do its job.


Lich may appear to be a demonic frost skeleton that may be difficult to master, however, the reality is quite the opposite. Belonging to the intelligence attribute, Lich is a ranged support/nuker hero, who is there to back up his teammates.

Before level 6, the hero may even seem boring as all it does is provide Frost Shields for you and your allies, but the real fun begins when you unlock the ultimate ability, Chain Frost at level 6. The hero can then release a frost orb that bounces among enemy units up to 10 times, dealing damage and slowing them down. If you find yourself surrounded by all five of the enemy heroes, simply unleash this deadly orb, and watch your enemies dance.

To Cut It Short

Dota 2 world is filled with insane heroes with unimaginable powers. You need to get used to it before you can fully enjoy the Dota 2 experience. One thing you have to remember though is that Dota 2 is a heavy game and requires the most reliable of internet connections. You cannot subscribe to just any service provider hoping to get the job done. We suggest opting for Optimum internet as it provides blazing-fast internet for all of its subscribers. You can hop on to BuyTVInternetPhone to find out regional availability and other details.


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