Different Ways to Increase the Average Life of Car Brakes

Car Brakes

A car is made up of many individual components. They work together to make the car move as smoothly as possible. Among these components, some occupy more importance than others. Why? One reason is that they are doing the bulk of the work. Nevertheless, the vitality of other components cannot be ignored. The essential components include the tires, engine, transmission, car battery, and brakes.

The tires are responsible for rolling the vehicle along the surface. The engine converts the fuel into energy that helps the car to move. Similarly, without the battery, a car cannot start as it supplies the necessary current to all other vehicular components. We all know the importance of transmission or gearbox. What about the vehicle’s braking system? Well, the brakes are responsible for slowing down the car and bringing it to a complete halt.

It is why the entire braking system needs to be in top condition. If any singular part of the system malfunctions, the brakes will not work correctly. In certain situations, the brakes are what make the difference. Hence, car owners are recommended to maintain their brakes. Considering the importance of the braking system, we will discuss how you can increase their average life in this article. Before we start, we have a little something for our readers in the UAE.

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Timely Maintenance

Most people ignore timely maintenance. The result is that they end up having to replace that part entirely or use considerable resources to repair it. You could have easily saved money if you had taken the car for its periodic maintenance. The brakes are no exception, and they require maintenance just like other vehicular components. For instance, the brake pads and rotors need to be maintained adequately for best performance. Remember, you can avail car auto brake pad replacement and maintenance in Dubai from PitStopArabia.

If the brake pads are worn out, you will feel a deterioration in the braking distance, which is never a good thing. Besides ensuring performance, timely maintenance increases the average life of the braking system. Additionally, maintenance helps sustain the car’s resale value. When people realize that the vehicle has been poorly maintained, they shy away from paying your desired asking amount. Other advantages of timely maintenance are:

  • It saves money – repair and part replacement are costlier as compared to maintenance.
  • It saves fuel – when all parts are working as desired, it will lower the fuel consumption, saving you money in fuel charges.
  • Saves time – maintenance is less time consuming as compared to repair or replacement services.

Driving Tips

Apart from timely maintenance, a few driving tips can also go a long way in improving car brakes’ average life. For instance, most people have the habit of smashing their feet on the brakes at the very last moment. If you are one of those people, remember, it is a very bad habit. Sudden braking creates unnecessary pressure on the brakes which can reduce their life and performance. Therefore, instead of braking suddenly, start applying the brakes well in time to reduce the stress.

Secondly, avoid stepping on the brakes continuously. You can drive slow so that you do not have to apply the brakes repeatedly. Driving slow might not give you the thrill, but it can surely improve the braking system’s lifespan and performance. Remember, continuous braking causes the brake pads to heat up and wear down quicker than usual. How you respond to this driving tip is entirely your choice, but research proves what we just mentioned.

Lastly, remove the extra weight. If you have anything extra stored in your car’s boot or anywhere else, we advise you to remove it. A heavier car requires more energy to stop. In other words, the brake pads and rotors will be under more pressure causing them to wear down much quicker.

To get the best works from the brake you need the best tires for that as well check out online tires that you need for your car to brakes.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. If you wish to improve your braking system’s average life span, we recommend acting upon the tips we mentioned above. Otherwise, be prepared to invest considerable money in replacing or repairing the components.


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