5 Different Types of Gyms and Which One is Right For You

Different Types of Gyms

Not one type of gym is right for everyone, so even if you haven’t found the type of exercise that you love just yet, there will be a perfect gym out there for you. We’re here to introduce 5 different types of gyms, that aren’t just your common-a-garden gym, but offer something unique and different to help you fall in love with exercise. So, get one of your matching gym sets on and let’s get into it to help you find your newest passion.

Different Types of Gyms


First up we have callisthenics gyms, which originated as street workouts but have now developed and there are many gyms purely dedicated to this form of workout. Callisthenics are all about exercises that don’t require anything but your body weight, utilising the entire body and not focusing on particular muscles over another. This form of exercise is designed to build strength, endurance and flexibility over time, as the moves gradually become more and more complex. To start with, these will be things like pull-ups and chin-ups, which can be built up at home. However, as you get more advanced and go to a callisthenics gym, you will begin to really push your body to the limits and a lot of the time, looks like you really are defying gravity. This exercise can also help to improve your brain-body connection, giving you exceptional coordination skills and balance, making this a great form of morning exercise. Overall, if you want to push your body to the limits and try a more intense form of exercise, then head to a callisthenics gym.

Pole Fitness

Next we have pole fitness gyms, where classes are held that combine artistic dance with acrobatics and strength training, helping people to gain fantastic upper body strength and flexibility quickly. This is known to give people great confidence, as well as help you to feel amazing. It works the whole body, making it a great form of exercise, plus it is so much fun and you can meet so many like minded people. This is a great one to be doing with friends, or to go on your own if you want to get a new hobby and meet some interesting people. You will find that you are transforming your body without even trying and you will have so much fun doing it. The stigma around pole performances has changed completely and people are now appreciating it for the challenging and empowering form of exercise that it is.


CrossFit is a form of high intensity interval training that involves different types of functional movement, combining callisthenics, Olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, bodyweight exercise, aerobic exercise, swimming, running and rowing! Not only is this one of the best ways to build your overall fitness, both cardiovascular and strength, but you will become part of such a great community, with like minded people who will do nothing but provide encouragement and want to help push you to be the best version of yourself. You can take this as far as you want, from going once a week to a club and meeting some fantastic people, right up to competing all across the world if you’re at the very top of your game.

Boxing Gym

Another great type of gym for you to join is a boxing gym, as boxing can be incredible for all elements of your health. It helps to improve your heart health, strength, lowers blood pressure and helps with weight loss, as well as toning the entire body. The discipline taught in boxing gyms also has a wide range of mental advantages, helping to boost confidence, improve concentration in everyday life, improve resilience and significantly relieve stress.

If you don’t want to go to a boxing gym to spar, that’s understandable, but boxing gyms usually offer so much more than just sparring. You could go to the classes which teach all of the disciplines of boxing but you won’t have to actually fight anyone, or you could attend the fitness and conditioning sessions to get yourself in the best condition of your life. Just make sure that you go to these classes well rested, as they really will put your body to the test, and perhaps give yourself a rest day the following day to see how you get on after your first few classes.

Personal Training Gyms

If you’re completely new to fitness and you’re not sure where to start (and if you have a slightly bigger budget), then personal training gyms will be the best option for you. These gyms are usually more of a boutique size and every time you visit (sometimes you will need to pre-book your sessions in advance) you are able to train with a personal trainer. So, in terms of value for money, this usually works out so much better as every session that you have will be completely personal to you.

This is so important if you are a beginner, as it will help you to develop a balanced and healthy workout routine and it will also help to make sure you are performing exercises properly, so you are preventing yourself from getting injured. You will have the opportunity to try so many different things so you can find out what you really love. Whilst these are more expensive, if you go often (3 or more times a week), then you will certainly get your money’s worth compared to if you were paying for a personal trainer for each individual session.

If you’re not ready to commit to this just yet, many of these gyms do personal training taster sessions, or you could join a standard gym and have one session a week with a personal trainer there for a few weeks, then you can try out what you learn with them on other days in the gym. This will be more cost effective if you’re just getting started and want to know that you really enjoy personal training style sessions before committing to a full membership.


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