Breaking into the London Creative Industries: A How-To Guide

London Creative Industries

Being a creative artist in any capacity is something that millions of people around the world dream about. Whether you are someone with a talent for drawing and painting or are a wizard on an instrument, turning what was once a hobby into a career is a dream come true for many.

At the same time, this process does not come without its challenges. Much like getting a career in any other industry, it takes time and effort on your part to be successful in your endeavors. Add into the equation the pandemic’s effects on the creative industries throughout the last fourteen months, and it can appear almost impossible for you to break into the industry.

If you are a creative individual in this position, you have found yourself with a stroke of luck and ended up in the right place at the right time. Detailed below are some tips and tricks for breaking into the creative industries in 2021 and beyond.

More specifically, we will be considering how you break into those within London. So, get your best instrument and sketching pencils to hand and read on for more!

Say Yes to Opportunities That Come Your Way

While we recognize this is a bit of an obvious suggestion and is something we feel confident you would be doing anyway, we thought it was worth mentioning all the same! Taking up as many opportunities that present themselves to you is critical to your success moving forward.

Not only does it give you the chance to practice or showcase your skills in suitable environments, but you will also be able to make connections and network. Networking opens up doors; make an effort to get the word about your art out there.

While it is essential to say yes to opportunities that present themselves to you, it is also crucial that you make an effort to take care of yourself at the same time. Saying yes to everything that comes your way could result in you burning out and not being in tip-top condition.

Life is all about balance, so don’t push yourself to the extreme to achieve your dream. Hard work will be needed to go far, but you must do what you can to care for yourself properly during these times too.

Utilize Resources Available to You

We understand the desire to achieve your goal through your own hard work, but nothing stops you from receiving a little help along the way. Use resources available to you to help you along the way, and you could very well speed up the process. You could figure out the best ways to break into the industry and improve and develop your creative skills even further.

If you are a musician, you might want to consider practicing with certain specialist pieces of equipment while getting a feel for what to expect when you make it. At the same time, recording your music and releasing it is an ideal way of breaking into the industry. Pirate’s East London rehearsal studios provide budding musicians with this opportunity and more.

On the other hand, if you are an artist, consider exploring opportunities to display and showcase your artwork in a gallery. While there are a handful of paid options out there, we feel confident you will find showcasing opportunities for free if you look hard enough. Additionally, some galleries within the city exist for the sole purpose of providing emerging artists with somewhere to display their work.

Use these resources to your advantage, and you will be well on your way! However, physical resources are not the only way to break into the creative industries in London, which leads us to the next and final point in this piece.

Buddy Up With Others

Again, this might not be the preferred method for some people out there, but it can make a difference in your journey. Buddying up with other emerging and up-and-coming artists is an ideal method to try when breaking into the creative industries.

Having more than one of you makes the process of discovering opportunities less so. Furthermore, you will also have someone to turn to for advice and guidance during the more challenging moments. But it will be someone who can truly understand and sympathize with your situation; what more could you ask for in this position!

While that is very well the case, you could also pick up some pointers and tips from these other artists. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with one another is a bonding experience, but one that is beneficial to all parties involved.

We hope this piece has been insightful and that you are branching out from here with a better understanding of what you might need to do to break into the London creative industries. One thing we can be sure of; the only way from here is up!


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