The Best Apps for a Successful Fantasy Football Campaign

Fantasy Football Campaign

Once the summer is over, the football season will start in earnest. If you are planning on creating or joining a fantasy football league, you should be prepared well in advance. You need to do your research to ensure you come out on top and avoid the trash talk that comes with being a loser. The following IOS and Android fantasy football apps could make a huge difference and be a huge contributor to getting that elusive championship.

ESPN Fantasy Football

ESPN is regarded by many as the king of sports, so it would be impossible to talk about fantasy football without mentioning them. The ESPN fantasy football app gives you everything you need to run a successful league by offering up-to-the-minute sports updates including breaking news, player news and scores. This makes it the go-to app for those looking to get into fantasy football.

The app allows you to create a league that includes your friends and family. It also allows anyone to join a league that already exists. You create practice rounds that include mock drafts to get to know the best draft order to go with. Once a football season starts, you will be able to manage players in your team, submit waiver claims and get all the fantasy football news you need.

Yahoo Fantasy Football & More

The Yahoo Fantasy Football & More app is another great addition to your arsenal. Using the app, you never have to use auto-draft as the app will help you draft the players you need from anywhere you wish. The app also offers similar functionality to the ESPN Fantasy Football App as it helps you set up mock drafts to fine-tune your team. Your drafts also get graded so you can keep practicing to land the perfect team.

The app also provides expert analysis on teams and players as well as the latest team and player news. This keeps you in the loop and ensures you do not miss news that would make a difference in your campaign such as stalled contract talks and player injuries. The app also allows you to manage your team, make trades and submit waiver claims once the season is underway.

NFL Fantasy Football

The NFL Fantasy Football league is the official fantasy game of the NFL and the accompanying NFL fantasy football app is a great tool for creating leagues and competing with your friends. You can create a draft roster that you can use to compete with your friends every week. Once the roster is created, the players you choose will rack up points for you when they play.

The NFL Fantasy Football app also has a tool that lets you compare players against each other so you can select the best players for your team. You also get to know which teams are not playing on particular weeks so you do not miss out on points.

Fantasy football is a great way to have some fun or to be competitive with friends and family. The three apps above work well to help you manage drafts as well as teams when the season starts. Best of all, they give you all the team and player news you need to run a successful campaign.

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