8 Best Venues for a Bucks Party

bucks party

When your best buck has gotten engaged, it is time for the world to end and the party to begin. In these critical times, knowing what type of party to throw is simple. An Ultimate Bucks Party is the obvious choice. Additionally, you would think that where to throw the party is an equally obvious choice because you have been best friends with this buck since before the beginning of time. However, from the sea to the bush, there are a variety of locations available. A proven favorite might be the obvious choice, but a surprise Bucks Brisbane party might also be in order.

1. In the dirt

You know where bucks play. They play in the dirt on four wheels with deep tread designed to do nothing more than scoop and throw mud as you race top speed across the terrain. Of course, trying to best the other bucks is tiring, so you will be treated to relaxing beers and dude food at a laneway bar. Because this type of play will get you more than a little dirty, it is best to book a buck pad where you and your fellow bucks can shower and chill before gorging on dumplings or pork and prawn. Of course, beer is always on the menu.

2. Kidnapped by the water

A resort by the water provides the perfect setting for fun, relaxation, and ladies. As you settle into topless servers and open one of your welcome beers, your best buck will never know what is happening until he is kidnapped and taken via luxury limousine to some of the best nightclubs in the known universe.

For three hours, you will enjoy Brisbane nights, ladies, and booze. Between drinks, you can enjoy flirtatious women who prefer to go topless. Along with the breasts, you will enjoy all the food you and your dudes can handle.

3. Luxury resort

Nothing says five-star resort quite like accommodations with topless servers intent on keep you smiling. Upon your arrival, you will enjoy endlessly flowing suds along with an array of chicken, beef, and calamari. After a food feast for dudes, a host of topless ladies will cater to you and flirt your troubles away. However, the luxury does not end there because all it takes is an inquiry, and you are moments away from equally luxurious strip clubs.

4. On the ocean

Fishing is one of the most primal ways to haul in your dinner, and when you book a party for your newly engaged buck, you and the others will try yourselves against the monsters of the deep. As you fish, you can also enjoy BYO beers over endless waters and a beautiful horizon. Because fishing is hungry work, you will enjoy grabbing a bite or two off the hot plate. Whatever you catch will be scaled and cleaned by the crew, leaving you to enjoy the day with all the other bucks.

5. Helicopter

A helicopter ride is the best way to enjoy the scenery, and even at the speeds involved, the landscape is so expansive that it will seem as if you are flying along at an almost casual pace. Once you touch down, you will enjoy go karts along with a trophy for the winner of the day. As you speed junkies wind down from the afternoon’s events, you will be carted off to the bars to enjoy beer and dinner over the Yarra River.

6. Quads in the forest

This package is for speed freaks wanting to enjoy 90 minutes riding quad bikes across the landscape. Following the thrills on wheels, you will enjoy a brief moment or two to clean yourself up. Once you are clean, you will enjoy having your hunger satiated by beautiful women delivering a huge side of beef between two massive buns. As you enjoy your burger and chips, you will pleasantly notice your server wears less clothing as time goes by. Finally, when the clothes are gone, you are ready for a tongue-on-skin body shot.

7. Over the trees

A plane is the best venue for bucks who want excitement along with the ability to sit back and enjoy the 400 mph ride. For thrills, the flight takes you across the Australian landscape, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the future before you. At 12,000 feet, you will enjoy the ride until your best buck is thrown from the plane.

Yes, you read that right. The buck of honor will be thrown out into the air where he will plummet along with a skydiving coach. One by one, everyone is sent flying. However, after the safe landings, everyone can quench their fear over topless waitresses and buckets of beer.

8. Top floor

Everyone has probably booked a room or a seat on a roof-top bar. However, very few bucks actually jump off that roof. With a base-jump package, you will do just that. For starters, the roof towers seven stories high, and your jump will be overseen by a master daredevil. After you sign the safety waivers, you will take your life in your own hands as you hold onto your leaping coach. Your coach will then leap from the building. As the sidewalk looms, your guardian angel will rip the cord.

The best part is not the steak or even the succulent calamari. The best part is not being able to drink your fear away at the wet bar. The best part is that your package comes with two additional leaps.

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