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Surely, everybody loves a puzzle or two thrown in between an action adventure or pure platforming game, but it takes a special bread of gamer to specifically indulge in pure puzzle games. Let’s face it! Puzzle games can be rather daunting and require a lot of patience, concentration and brain power, which not a lot of us are willing to put in! Nevertheless, puzzle games continue to be a popular gaming genre with a solid and faithful fan base.

In this post, I will jot down some of the best puzzle games to play online:

Sudoku Online

This game is a delight for people who love crunching numbers. Sudoku originated in Japan in the 80’s and became an international sensation in 2005. The objective of the game is to fill 9X9 grid with numbers using logic and combination. The puzzle initially is partially filled, which is to be solved uniquely.

There are many websites on the internet which now provide Sudoku online, such as, websudoku.com. It literally contains millions of individual puzzles to be solved and also provides the option to play offline on windows and MAC platforms. Players can select their own difficulty level, which ranges from easy to evil.

Doodle God

Alchemy was an ancient art of mixing elements together to form something new. Doodle God takes this art to a new dimension mixing it with unparalleled fun and throwing in dash of addictiveness. Players initially have just the four basic elements i.e. earth, fire, water and wind at their disposal to mix together, form new elements and proceed from there. The game rewards the players by bestowing on them the wisdom of the greatest philosopher when a new element or procedure is created!

The latest update of the game takes the elements to 248 divided into 26 categories and also introduces “element magic” category. In Doodle God, the players can basically create their own worlds from the ground up starting from the most basic single celled bio-organism and proceed to create complex organic and non-organic elements. Play Doodle God online on its official site.


Closure is a unique entry on this countdown, as it’s an amalgamation of platforming and puzzle game. The developers endowed the game with some extremely interesting traits like traversing the world in pitch black and the only way to illuminate it to forge ahead, comes by means of glowing orbs. These glowing orbs when illuminate the way, the players can then proceed ahead, otherwise, there’s a risk of falling into nothingness. The game is really challenging and compels the gamers to think strategically and ration the orbs sensibly. Play Closure online.

Atomic Puzzle

Last but certainly not the least is this little yet fun puzzle game. Developed by Sigma Studio, the aim of Atomic Puzzle is to match atoms of the same color clash to make them disappear. The game although very easy is still addictive and the soundtrack is simply out of this world! A must play game for those who don’t like overly complex puzzle games. Play atomic puzzle online.


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