5 Distinctive Benefit of Water Blasting in Cleaning Roofs

Cleaning Roofs

Like most people, you probably do not think about your roof until it nears the end of its lifespan. Is this when homeowners should start thinking about restoring or repairing their leaking roof? Surprisingly, even though you have a new roof, there are some maintenance practices you should undertake. Basic pressure cleaning of your roof will not only enhance its outward look but also has several other advantages in the long run. Here are five benefits of pressure cleaning your roof.

1. Roof Longevity

Water blasting when cleaning your roof helps maintain the shingles or tiles, extending its life and saving costs. Algae, roof moss, lichens, and debris gradually accumulate on your roof over time, causing discoloration of its materials. They often obstruct water collection by interfering with the waterlines on your roof. If not monitored and cleaned promptly, these growths may destroy your roof and necessitate its replacement. Pressure cleaning will keep their growth under control and save you the hassle of having to replace your roof prematurely.

2. Saving on Energy

The escalating energy cost is beginning to bite into everybody’s wallet. Mainly, poorly maintained roofs result in increased energy bills. Because of the dark complexion, the algae, mold, and moss conditions that appear on filthy roofs absorb heat. This will reduce the efficiency of the heat reflective coating of your roof. Despite being one of the least explored energy-saving alternatives, roof cleaning is among the most effective. If you have these growths, you should pressure clean your roof frequently. Your roof should have solar reflectance to maintain the attic and house colder, allowing you to cut costs on HAVC bills.

3. Property Value

Roof cleaning is critical in adding value to your home when it comes to roofing maintenance. The roof adds a significant appeal to your home. We are all aware that impression is everything. Therefore, a poorly maintained roof can raise prospective buyers’ suspicions, curbing their interest in your property. Roof replacement is a considerable expense which most buyers are reluctant to incur, even though the rest of the property is in good shape. Whether you wish to sell your home or simply want to spruce up your home’s look, a pressure cleaning of your roof will make a massive change than you can imagine.

4. Saves Money

One of the most significant advantages of having your roof regularly cleaned is the tremendous costs you avoid. Seeking an experienced professional team to clean and maintain your roof instantly saves you a significant amount of money over a total replacement. Even though your roof has stains, it does not mean you should have it replaced right away. Simply getting your roof cleaned by the experts at BAM Window Cleaning will be enough to eliminate the filth and prevent the natural organisms from growing. You will likely save much more money by opting for perhaps an occasional pressure roof cleaning than if you need replacement and repair services.

5. Prevents Wood Rot

Natural growths, ice dams, and shingle damage will all lead to excess water oozing into your attic. Moss may hold dampness and deflect water, causing the wood on your roof to rot. Wood rot may severely damage your roof and could even require a roof replacement. Nonetheless, wood rot poses three vital threats to your home: pest infestation, collapse risk, and extensive damage to other adjacent materials such as nails, boards, and walls. The indications of wood rot can be difficult to spot at times. However, you will not have to worry about it if you routinely clean your roof.

Roof cleaning may appear to many to be a monotonous task. It is, nonetheless, indispensable if you wish to save both time and money in the long run. Any destruction to the roof may have a long-term adverse impact on your entire property. It is strongly advised that you seek specialists to assess and pressure clean your roof because they understand what safety measures to take. You can clean your roof yourself. However, if you do not do it properly, you risk invalidating the roofing materials warranty. Contacting the BAM Window Cleaning professionals will provide the ideal solution for your pressure roof cleaning needs. It would be best if you considered revitalizing your roof’s look.


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