Why Playgrounds Are So Good for Your Child’s Health

Benefits From Playgrounds

You likely have memories of your days on the playground. Playground equipment promotes healthy growth in children and allows them to express themselves and learn from others without restrictions and limits.

Children using play as a way to grow, emotionally and physically, is underrated. With all of the resources playgrounds have available, children can strengthen their physical state while learning from their peers — all without being aware of the benefits.

Physical Health Benefits From Playgrounds

Getting in a workout on the playground can benefit your child in several ways that are evident in their overall physical health. Playgrounds develop muscles and tune fine motor skills. Your child may find their physical health improving after visiting more parks and playgrounds. Here’s why.

1. Exposure to Sunlight

The sun can be a great source of Vitamin D, and people of all ages need to get a dose of natural light daily. Some people find the outdoors to be more relaxing, and there’s plenty of reason for that. Sunlight is crucial to growth and development, both physical and mental.

Getting less sunlight can result in a decrease in serotonin levels and might lead to depressive episodes in children. Natural light benefits everyone, and kids must have time outside to express themselves through playing so they can get some sunlight.

2. Strengthening Organs

When your child plays, their organs and bones grow more robust. It may not seem like climbing on the jungle gym or swinging for an hour without stopping are workouts, but they are! When running around and pushing themselves, kids increase their stamina and their lung capacity. They improve their physical fitness by just chasing friends around on the playground.

Similarly, jungle gyms and safely climbing various equipment can benefit a child’s physical health. When children climb and hang on structures, they’re directly improving their cardiovascular health. By utilizing every component a playground has to offer, kids are teaching themselves how to play effectively while improving the functions of their organs.

3. Maintaining Activity

As little as 30 minutes of activity a day can make a difference in any human’s life. If a child is getting double that amount — whether from designated recess time or a community park — they’re doing well to maintain their activity level and release pent-up energy.

Constant activity like playing on a playground can help children gain the essential muscles they need at their age by allowing them to imagine anything with no rules or boundaries. How they play is up to them, but they will always reap the same benefits.

Emotional Health Benefits From Playgrounds

While it may seem obvious that your child’s physical health will benefit from playground use, you may not be aware of how proper playground equipment can improve their emotional health. Since playgrounds require a degree of imagination to accompany their fascinating features, your child will be giving their brain a workout as they play.

1. Growing Empathy

Playing with other children builds social skills and is crucial to developing and improving new relationships. By socializing and playing with others their age, children can create a stronger sense of empathy and learn the proper way to behave around others their age.

By acting out various scenarios and learning how others play, children develop a greater understanding of their peers and themselves. Joining other children on the playground is an excellent way for your child to improve their empathy levels and learn to make new friends.

2. Improving Mood

After you work out, how do you feel? “Tired” might be the first word that comes to mind. But you also feel a sense of calm and the pride of accomplishment. The same goes for your child — after they play, they may find their mood is boosted for a while afterward. They have that sense of accomplishment from playing hard and finishing an imaginary storyline.

Physical activity can improve mental health overall, and more sunlight and exercise can stabilize a child’s mood. When a child plays, they’re not just strengthening themselves physically. Their emotional intelligence grows and their mood stabilizes as well.

3. Increasing Focus

When you have too much energy, you can’t sit still and focus on your tasks. The same is valid for children — and recess is an essential part of maintaining day-to-day attention in class. Recess is vital because academic performance improves when kids are permitted to play.

Playing gives kids a much-needed break from academics and resets their minds to learn more. Burning off that energy will leave them ready to focus in the classroom and keep them learning effectively. Even visiting a playground on the weekends can help improve your child’s focus if you plan to do something else that day.

Visit a Playground for Your Child’s Health

To see your child grow quicker than they already do, take them to a playground! Watch them interact with the other children and develop skills related to empathy, sharing, and compassion. You can rest easy knowing the proper playground equipment fosters the best possible growth in your child while watching them have a blast acting out various scenarios and storytelling in their own way.


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