Weed Varieties You Can Buy Online in Canada


When buying weed online, you will find many different varieties and strains to choose from. It can be confusing when deciding which cannabis product to buy. Whether medical or recreational, you may be looking for the right weed strain for your specific needs. This article will cover a few of the most popular kinds of weed you can buy online from websites like WeedSmart online dispensary. They include:


This is the most common strain of weed. It is known for its uplifting and energizing effects. Sativa generally provides an upbeat and euphoric sense similar to coffee. It is rarely used for nighttime activities because its effects can last much longer than you would like. If you’re looking for an active day of hiking or surfing, this would be a strain for you.

Keeping with the caffeine analogy, it is also great for those looking to cut back on caffeine. It will give you the same energy boost while eliminating some of the jitters and anxiety associated with too much coffee.

Sativa is typically about 70% percent of the cannabis strains available, but some hybrids carry characteristics of both. Due to its versatility, Sativa weed can be found in almost all dispensaries.


This type of weed is far more common in dispensaries due to its sedative effects. It generally provides a relaxing and calming influence that will leave you feeling sleepy, hungry, and happy. This will be an excellent strain for those looking to relax at the end of a long day or catch up on a movie with friends. Indica is most popular for its pain-relieving properties. Also, it helps with muscle spasms, cramps, and insomnia.

Indica provides a more relaxed body sensation and can cause drowsiness. This may be an excellent strain for you if you do a lot of mental work.

Note: For those looking for pain relief, insomnia, or any appetite stimulation Indica is the right strain for you.


This strain offers a mix of Indica and Sativa (usually in roughly equal amounts). Hybrids provide an interesting combination of both strains’ effects. The resulting high will be a combination of the two.

Sometimes hybrids will lean more towards one effect, but generally, you can expect a similar experience to both strains. In addition, it can help with pain relief without causing too strong of an effect when you are trying to go about your day.

Note: Hybrid weed strain is popular because it provides the effects of both Indica and Sativa without being too heavy or debilitating. If you want a balanced experience, this would be the right kind of weed.


This type of weed is rare but available online in Canada. It can also provide some medical benefits similar to Indica, but not as strong. It has a “sobering” effect that will make you feel relaxed and calm instead of fazed out and drowsy. This strain would be ideal for those searching for pain relief without feeling sedated.

Ruderalis is also about half the price of typical strains, so they are more budget-friendly for those on a tight budget.

There are various kinds of weed available online at websites like WeedSmart online dispensary. Chances are you won’t have too much trouble finding the strain that’s right for you. If you have difficulty finding the right weed for your specific needs, you can look for online dispensaries near you that carry the types of weed you are looking for.


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