8 Tips to Make Better Coffee as A Coffee Enthusiast

Tips to Make Better Coffee

You can enjoy your coffee by making various simple changes to your coffee preparation. As a beginner, you should always observe some things as you are starting to familiarize yourself with making an incredible effect on the final cup of coffee. But as a coffee enthusiast, you enjoy your cup of coffee by making better coffee. Below are tips to help you make bitter-free coffee as a coffee enthusiast.

1. Never grind anything but coffee

As a beginner in making coffee, you could add spices and other things as you grind your beans. But as an enthusiast, do not add anything but coffee to your grinder. Grinding spices, such as clove and cinnamon and any other stronger ones if you do not want to drink mulled coffee. Notably, coffee grounds get inside every corner of the grinder. So if you grind with spices, you will have to take apart your grinder to clean up everything. Also, you can add the oils you love, such as coconut, hazelnut, or mct oil. Coffee and mct oil promote weight loss, among other many benefits.

2. Don’t plunge your French press

Tips to Make Better Coffee

Do not make the mistake of plunging your French press all the way to the bottom. This is only for those people who own a good quality French press. Since the filter in a French Press such as Bodum is of good quality. As you plunge, do it just below the surface of the coffee and leave it for few minutes. As a result, there will be fewer coffee sediment grounds to the bottom.

3. Buy bottled water

Due to consistency, if you can afford it, buy bottled water. Choose the best and widely available bottled water for making coffee. Also, opt for the affordable one among the many you will get. As you choose the right one, look at the label to check the lists of calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonate levels.

4. Steam your milk to 650C

Tips to Make Better Coffee

For sweeter and tastier milk, steam your milk to between 600C -650C. Boiled milk, like many people would have it in their childhood, is not the best. Plus, it is less sweet. Use an analog thermometer to know when it reaches 600C to be accurate. If you do not have one, heat the milk in a pitcher until you cannot stand to touch the outside for longer. This is around the 600C mark.

5. Buy a coffee grinder

As you shop for your coffee grinder, invest in one with flat burrs. In this way, you start grinding your coffee beans, and as a result, it improves your coffee making, producing drinks with far more aroma and flavors. In the market, you can get good choices with a pricing of around $130.

6. Clean your coffee grinder

Tips to Make Better Coffee

Once in a while, it is wise to open your coffee grinder and remove the burrs. Clean out the buildup of the ground coffee. Avoid using anything abrasive as you clean to avoid scratching the burrs. Remember, the coffee stuck in your grinder is stale, and if you do not clean it, it will be in every cup of coffee you drink. Thus, have a regular cleaning routine for your grinder.

7. Buy whole bean coffee

According to coffee experts, ground coffee will only last for the utmost 20 minutes. After this, all the aromatics get lost. When you buy your beans and grind them yourself, you experience coffees wonderful aromatics and flavors. Also, buy enough coffee beans for at least three weeks. Consider that, coffee once roasted, starts to deteriorate. And the freshness starts to get lost in three weeks at least.

8. Know how to make Turkish coffee

Coffee Enthusiast

For Turkish coffee, you ground the beans finer in comparison to that of an espresso. Grind coarser for the Turkish coffee but a little finer for espresso, and you will get a cup that is not bitter. Also, avoid sand brewers for Turkish coffee as sand is not a good conductor for heat for the temperature varies wildly. Opt for a gas flame, as with this, there is no sand falling into the brewer, and it is a preferred method.


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