Four Things to Consider when Buying a New Business Premises


Whether you are purchasing for the first time or fifth time these four things always come up in your list of things to consider. Therefore, this will help you make the right decisions for you and your company and employees.

Pay and Display Machine for Parking

Business Premises

A pay and display system are great for monitoring the use of the car park in your premises. They are great for making sure that there is flow within the car park so there is no overcrowding and always spaces available.

Using these specific machines are suggested as they are super easy to use, ensuring that all motorists can access the car park easily without any trouble.

This also allows the car park to be profitable, aiding towards the business’s growth.

Not only easy to use but also to access and install, ranging in different modules enabling you to choose which one is best for your car park and business.

Accessibility handrails

Accessibility is extremely important for business premises especially when they require multiple different kinds of individuals to access their building. Having accessibility features on your premises such as handrails are great and easy for allowing a range of different people to access your building which helps to generate more income.

Installing these will show local people that you are an understanding and accessible company and that you are thoughtful of other people and their needs.

It is known for safety for your employees and customers.

Smoking area

Buying a New Business Premises

A smoking area should always be considered when purchasing business premises because even if you do not potentially smoke does not mean that others do not.

A smoking area does not always need to be a newly designed area or anything. Should just simply be a spacious area of land outside. The area should be covered by an overhead outdoor roofing/shelter or something of the sort so smokers are protected from all weather conditions and should be in a safe area where no dangers will occur.

It is not exactly a necessity, but it is a good gesture as it shows that you are considerate and offer an area where they can proceed in their actions. Unfortunately, some companies do not provide spaces that leave employees and customers who are smokers to smoke in car parks etc which can be a safety risk.

Smoking areas are also good for attracting customers which is something every company needs to succeed. Quite a lot of customers visit a business premises that has an allocated smoking area.

Definitely, something to consider for a prosperous business premises.


Signs can range in many ways, whether you put up signs on your premises that creates exposer to your business. There are also signs like instructions, costs, directions and many more to consider when purchasing a business premises.

Signs with your company’s logo and name are great for exposure to the local public so that your building stands out and catches people’s eyes. These sorts of signs are usually at the entrance of the business or stuck-up windows of the building making people acknowledge your premises which is great for attracting customers.

Signs with instructions for example for a car park of smoking area are important for creating an efficient environment where everyone knows the rules set and how to act upon them. For example, a smoking sign within a smoking area that reads, ‘please throw cigarettes in the bin to avoid litter’ are instructions that can easily be followed.
Signs are important for properties to create a harmonious working environment.

The M&E Validation survey is an important process to undertake when buying a new building premise. It involves taking readings and compiling comprehensive sets of data based on the current electrical, mechanical and control systems. M&E validation surveys are also used for determining whether or not it’s necessary to upgrade existing M&E systems in buildings that have already been purchased. Such M&E systems are not necessarily installed by the current owners of a building. An M&E validation survey will provide critical information regarding all M&E equipment, including their efficiency levels and whether they need to be maintained or upgraded. The M&E Validation Survey report will even point out possible areas where certain system failures can occur in the future. M&E validation surveys can also assess whether or not the buildings M&E systems are capable of serving their intended purpose for any new equipment that might be installed in them, such as HVAC units, cooling towers etc.


We hope these have made you think about how to have a good and effective business premises.


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