The Importance Of Cryptocurrency For The Future Of Real Estate

Cryptocurrency For Real Estate

Are you thinking about moving? Well, the current real estate market is quite challenging for buyers. Low inventory creates high demand, which is great if you also have to sell your existing property. So, while this market may be advantageous for you to sell your home, you may face many obstacles trying to buy a home. Cash buyers seem to have fewer challenges when purchasing a home because they can cut out the intermediaries and close within a few days. Cryptocurrency buyers also have few challenges in the buying process, as long as sellers agree to allow crypto. This is because, like cash buyers, they don’t have to deal with intermediaries in real estate transactions. Additionally, cryptocurrency buyers can have more of an advantage than cash buyers because they can complete transactions in minutes instead of days. While the use of cryptocurrency in real estate is still developing, its popularity could start to change the state of real estate in the future. Here’s how.

Less Wait Times For All Parties

The time it takes to sell a home can vary. Whether you sell your home yourself or contact a realtor to sell your house, the average days a house spends on the market is about 18 days. However, closing on a home could last up to 48 days or even longer. And if you have to go through a short sale, which isn’t as common in this current market, the process could last upwards of 6 months or more. Waiting to close on a home can be stressful, particularly when you need to relocate for a new job or sell an inherited property quickly. Sometimes sellers may have to pay two mortgages while waiting to close on their house. Or they may try to get a cash offer so that they don’t have to bear the burden of carrying two mortgages. This can be a challenging time for buyers, too. After waiting to purchase a property, an underwriter may decide not to fund the house for many reasons, which could cause the buyer to start the entire process all over again. Overall, the wait times can be difficult for real estate agents whose commissions could be compromised if the transaction falls through. Cryptocurrency may be able to help all parties involved get through real estate transactions much faster with much fewer challenges in the process.

Sellers Will Have More Potential Buyers

While all parties involved in a real estate transaction can benefit from cryptocurrency in a real estate transaction, sellers specifically will benefit. Including that you accept Bitcoin or some other type of cryptocurrency in your listing could open you up to a different demographic of buyers who could purchase your property. It will also allow you to sell your property much more quickly because neither you nor the buyer relies on lenders to complete the real estate transaction. Since some cryptocurrency purchases only take a few minutes to complete, this option could be even more lucrative than cash buys which may take days.

Buyers Will Have More Buying Power

As a buyer, if you have a cryptocurrency and the seller accepts the type of crypto you have, this could put you in a stronger position than mortgage buyers and even cash buyers. Lenders could take up to 48 days to clear funds for you to purchase a home. Cash purchases could take as little as a week. Buying a house with cryptocurrency could take about the same or a little less than cash purchases because funds transfers happen in as little as a few minutes. So if the seller approves of cryptocurrency, this could give you more leverage than both mortgage and cash buyers.

Cryptocurrency has massive potential in real estate. Unfortunately, there still aren’t as many sellers willing to accept this form of currency yet. But as more info becomes available about crypto, the real estate market may see another avenue for quickly acquiring property.


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