What you need to know about the storyline of the Diablo series

Diablo series

In June 2023, a full-fledged release of the new part of the Diablo universe at number 4 should be announced. Players will again go to mixed worlds from gothic dungeons and open locations to fight against evil and monsters in their purest form.

You can now try out the new game world by purchasing early access and creating one of the available characters. It will be better if you have time to try out all the heroes and go through the company before the final release. So you can accurately determine the main character, accumulate starting resources and runes, and collect legendary equipment and sets.

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If all the previous parts of the series have passed by you, then it’s not scary – the gameplay is built in such a way that you just wedge into the story and feel comfortable at all stages of the game, but for those who like to delve into the ENT and study the causes of the origin of events and the appearance of these particular NPCs it is worth reading the previous parts or at least reading the general history.


The very first project in the series from the then little-known Blizzard Entertainment. The project in the RPG network in dark gothic colors and the ability to choose the main character and choose the path of character development was warmly received by all players.


The first part starts and takes place in the gloomy city of Tristram, which is the capital of the kingdom of Khandaras.

Events take place in the city itself, or rather in a series of dark catacombs, which in the process of passing will lead the player to the very depths of hell, and in order to win and bring the long-awaited peace to the city, you need to defeat Diablo himself – his bodily form.

You choose the main character and his class yourself, the game system will only offer several ways to develop the hero to achieve the goal. Diablo’s balance allows you to complete the game with any build and selection of equipment, weapons, runes and stones – just on one character it will be easier, on the second it will be more difficult. Of course, it’s easier to play on heroes with a massive type of attack – there will be a lot of enemies at all stages, and the boss will also summon minions for himself, who need to be quickly destroyed so as not to die from the number of enemies.

You have to go through 12 dark dungeons filled with various monsters, traps, chests and bodies of previous adventurers until you get to the final floor and the main enemy – Diablo.

Having defeated the primary evil, the player decides to stab a stone with the soul of Diablo into his forehead in order to forever lock the enemy inside himself, but the plan does not work, and the evil enslaves our hero and with his help frees his brothers – Mephisto and Baal. All this information can be seen in the video for Diablo 2, which has become the most popular game in the series and will be discussed later.

Diablo 2

As you already understood from the end of the previous section of the article, our hero no longer belongs to us and is the direct reason for the continuation of the story.

Therefore, we need to create a new hero and on his behalf we need to understand the situation and help the local NPCs prevent evil from coming into our world.

You’ll even come across a motivation system for each type of hero, where there are fun options:

  • Barbarian – came to fight evil primarily for the sake of protecting his native lands, which are under siege, holding back hordes of demons.
  • Sorceress – considers herself the most powerful magician on earth and seeks to challenge the archdemons to confirm her powers.
  • Amazon – is a member of the order of demon fighters, and such challenges are not the first time for her.
  • The paladin sets off as a warrior of the light, guilt-ridden that he and his comrades-in-arms and the order allowed such power to enter the world of evil.

Despite the wide selection of classes, the passage will be identical, only the types of battles and skills that will be involved will differ. In some locations melee wars will prevail, in the final locations shooters will feel better. The higher the overall difficulty level, the more often you will encounter a unit with explosive damage, which can even kill on close contact with the character.

When the player one by one destroys Mephisto, helps Archangel Michael, defeats Diablo and Baal, then the story of the second part of the game will end and it will smoothly move into the third.

Diablo 3

The whole plot of the continuation of the cult series of games is again built around Decland Kane – being deceived and lured out of the city under the threat of a meteorite fall, people, together with Leia, leave the main city while Kane is being attacked and the player must go through a series of acts and tasks in order to prevent again creation of evil and take revenge on the offender who killed the ancient sage.

In addition to searching for Magda – the culprit in the death of Deckard Cain, players must find and put together an ancient relic – a sword that grants the bearer special power and will become a weighty argument against the final enemy.

Diablo 4

The plot of the last and currently relevant part has not been fully disclosed and will be available to players with a full release, since beta testing always means a lot of bugs and conflicts that will be fixed before the official release.

Since the concept of Diablo has always been dedicated to co-op, but reached its peak in the final parts, bundles of characters already fit into the canon of passage, and not a specific hero indicated in the lore as an example, taking into account his motivation.


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