Remember Your Loved Ones by Viewing These 5 Headstone Design Ideas

Headstone Design Ideas

Death is an unfortunate part of life. Every year, almost 3 million Americans die all across the country.

If your family suffered the loss of a loved one recently, you’re probably overwhelmed by all of the grief that you feel right now. You’re also likely stressed out by all the work that goes into planning a funeral for someone.

As a result of these things, looking around at cemeteries that you can bury your loved one in and coming up with great headstone design ideas for them might not be on the top of your to-do list. But you should make a point to look around at headstones and brainstorm design ideas for them so that you can create one for your loved one sooner rather than later.

Here are five headstone design ideas that you might want to consider.

1. Simple and Straightforward

A big part of the reason why planning a funeral is so stressful is because families often have a million and one questions that they need to find answers to. They’ll ask everything from “Is embalming necessary?” to “How much does a headstone cost?”
With so much uncertainty swirling around, it can be difficult for families to eliminate stress from the equation! It’s why they’ll sometimes choose to just keep things as simple and straightforward as it gets when it comes to headstone design ideas.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that they’ll include a loved one’s name and their date of birth on their headstone and not much else. It’s the most basic approach that you can take to designing a headstone, but it’ll work out just fine in most cases.

2. Picture Perfect

The technology that is utilized to create headstones these days has come a long way. It has made it possible for families to put almost anything that they want onto headstones, including photos of their loved ones.

If you would like to put a picture of your loved one on their headstone, you’re more than welcome to do it. All you have to do is provide a photo of your loved one to a headstone designer and they’ll work their magic to bring your visions to life.

Putting your loved one’s photo on their headstone will make it stand out at one of your local family cemeteries. You won’t have to worry about not being able to find their gravesite when their photo is right on their headstone.

3. Spirituality Special

Was your loved one a very religious person? If they were, you might want to share their faith with the world by including all kinds of religious and/or spiritual symbols on their headstone.

The cross is one of the first things that comes to mind as far as religious symbols are concerned. But you can also put things like angels on a loved one’s headstone to show off their spiritual side.

There are tons of different directions that you could go in when you’re coming up with religious-themed headstone design ideas. You should brainstorm a bunch of them and then narrow your list of options down to just the one or two that you like the most.

4. A Few of My Favorite Things

Were there certain things that your loved one really enjoyed throughout the course of their life?

Maybe they loved fishing. Maybe they loved music. Or maybe they loved working on cars.

Whatever the case may be, this is something that you could use to your advantage when generating headstone design ideas for them. You could work a few of their favorite things into the design for their headstone to make it unique and to illustrate what was most important to them.

This is an excellent way to add a much-needed personal touch to a loved one’s headstone. By placing some of their favorite things on their headstone, you’ll pay tribute to them one final time and recognize all of the things that made them so special.

5. Notable Quotables

People have been putting quotes—or epitaphs as they’re often called—onto headstones for centuries now. These quotes have ranged from simple and straightforward quotes to really off-the-wall quotes that were designed to capture people’s attention and make them do a double-take.

If you feel as though there is a quote that would work especially well on your loved one’s headstone, you shouldn’t be shy about considering the possibility of using it on the headstone. Whether you go with a serious quote, a funny quote, or even a quote that your loved one always said themselves, it’ll be a nice addition to their headstone.
Just make sure that you choose something that you know your loved one would have appreciated. It’s going to be something that helps to define them to some degree for a long, long time.

Which of These Headstone Design Ideas Does Your Family Like Best?

Here’s the great thing about designing headstones for loved ones: You can do just about anything that you want to do. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep things simple or get wild with your loved one’s headstone. You have the power to use the design that you want to use in the end.

You should consider using one of the headstone design ideas listed here or come up with other ideas for headstones. You should also consult with your family members so that you’re able to create something that is extra special when you’re all finished.

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