Top 10 Most Expensive Mushrooms In The World

most expensive mushrooms

Every food lover wants something exciting, and mushrooms are one of these exciting things. They are rare and hard to grow, as well as sensitive. Mushrooms are nutritious and tasty and the most expensive edible magic mushrooms are considered true delicacies. Now let’s jump into the list of the top 10 most expensive mushrooms.

1. Yartsa Gunbu

expensive mushrooms

It is considered a symbol of high status to eat them even in a minimal amount. The price is about 2000 dollars for an ounce of these expensive mushrooms. This living fungus emerges through the host caterpillar head in spring to reach the surface. These are easily cultivated in places with altitudes ranging from 3000 to 5000 meters, like the Himalayas.

2. European White Truffle

most expensive mushrooms

The animals can easily detect the presence of the odor of the ripped mushrooms. The approximate price usually starts with 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars per pound of these most expensive edible mushrooms. The cost depends on the harvesting and the market in which they are available.

3. Matsutake Mushrooms

edible mushrooms

These mushrooms are Japanese and easily recognizable with a small, pale, well-produced cap and short stem. It is well known for its spiciness, slightly fruity taste, and beautiful aroma. The price of these most expensive mushrooms is ranging from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars for each pound. The high price is because of its rareness. Cultivation methods for the growth of these types of mushrooms are not successfully proved.

4. Black Truffles

edible mushrooms

They are so expensive in Europe, and because of the challenge of harvesting them, a black market came into existence in many regions of the world. Dogs are trained to detect the presence of these mushrooms. The price range of these most expensive mushrooms is between 800 dollars to 900 dollars per pound.

5. Morel Mushrooms

edible mushrooms

These mushrooms look like small trolls on the floor of forests. They also look slightly comical because of their sturdy stem and even when they are cooked and served with other dishes. The price of these mushrooms ranges between 254 dollars a pound for dried one and 30 to 90 dollars a pound for the fresh morels.

6. Chanterelles

most expensive mushrooms list

These most expensive mushrooms look like golden flowers and have a price range of between 225 dollars for each pound.

7. Enoki Mushrooms

most expensive mushrooms list

These mushrooms are among the most interesting edible mushrooms. They have a mild flavor and lovely to use with many other dishes. The price range of these expensive mushrooms is round about 108 dollars a pound.

8. Porcini Mushrooms

types of mushrooms

It is also knowns as king bolete and is found in hardwood forests. The price range of these most expensive mushrooms is between 55 to 70 dollars per pound.

9. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

types of mushrooms

It has the look of a balloon with long spines. It is also known as pompon or bearded tooth type of mushroom. The price varies widely of these most expensive mushrooms is about 8 to 36 dollars a pound.

10. Shiitake Mushrooms

expensive mushrooms

These edible mushrooms are a staple of cooking in Asia. They are brown and usually 2 to 4 inches in size. The price varies from 12 to 24 dollars per pound.


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