The most engaging eSports games for anyone to enjoy

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There is a vast selection of different eSports now for both athletes and video games fans. Some games are popular since they are engaging. Others attract because of the huge prize pools. We have compiled a list of the most exciting eSports disciplines that any gamer can enjoy.


A game that is slowly continuing to stagnate among cyber sports disciplines. Despite the love of sponsors and investors from traditional sports, Fifa is a relatively small discipline in cybersport. While it increased its viewership numbers this year, they are yet not the most memorable. And the halving of tournament prize money has pushed the game even lower in the rankings.

Nonetheless, football simulators are still one of the most popular eSports disciplines for bettors on such popular sites as ComeOn!, which has a review here


And here we come to a fascinating discipline to compare and explore. In its early years, PUBG performed exceptionally well as a massively popular game and as a cybersports discipline. But then its popularity began to decline, and with it the popularity of cybersports. It failed to become a strong discipline in its own right. Tournaments are being tried to throw money at them, but it’s not attracting viewers’ attention.

R6: Siege

A sad fate this year also befell Siege. Previously, I said that the game lacked prize money, although the spectator’s attention was quite good. But now, the prizes have been added to the game, but the audience’s attention has gone from the competition. Most likely due to the lack of offline events during the season and moving all the tournaments online.

Although the Six Invitational was held before the pandemic started, there were real numbers there, and even then, they were pretty sad compared to last year. In general, it looks like this cyber-sport has started to die out a bit now, although there was some growth in this game before.


Here we have probably the primary victim of last year. Here we can see the decline from the pretender to the top discipline to the level of small eSports games. There are a lot of factors at play here. And almost all are related to the pandemic. Activision cancelled tournaments in 2020, and in connection with this, the prize money fell. And the whole aesthetics of this eSports was built around a unique atmosphere in stadiums, where the games were held Overwatch League. And with the move to online, that atmosphere disappeared, and online streaming immediately dropped.


The fate of Fortnite is sad this year. This is mainly due to the cancellation of the World Cup and all of its accompanying qualifying tournaments. We’ve noticed both a reduction of 56 million in reward cash and attendance estimates decline by half. Yes, some local and streamer tournaments were held, but nothing severe and large-scale about the game occurred this year.

Without the publisher’s initiative, cybersport in Fortnite is almost dead, and now, with the news of tournament cancellation and 2021, the discipline may sink even lower. The worst part is that many viewers have also left the project, and it’s not clear if they will return or if their initial high number was more due to the hype of the game itself rather than interest in the cybersports component.

PUBG Mobile

Another mobile game and another, one might say, a newcomer to our ranking. Overall, mobile games have experienced a substantial rise in the eSports industry this year, and PUBG Mobile is no exception.

In a not entirely fair comparison to last year, the game lost out in prize money, but mainly at the expense of the lack of regular PUBG tournaments being factored in. Last year’s viewership was also an assortment of two games, due to which the comparison is not entirely objective, but the number of regular audiences is still very, very good. As a result, while the regular PUBG is slowly dying out, its mobile version is growing strongly and could replace it entirely in the eSports world. That’s where it’s going so far, and it doesn’t look like the mobile game will drop dramatically in numbers anytime soon. At least for the past two years, it has been performing exceptionally well.

Arena of Valor

And the last considerable discipline is becoming another mobile game. Mobile MOVA has been in the rankings for years and has held steady from year to year. This year it showed weaker values in viewership numbers, but at the expense of an overall drop in viewership numbers, it still improved its place in the rankings. There was also an extra $3.7 million in prize money, and on the back of the overall drop in prize money, the game was able to climb so high in our rankings. Overall in terms of places, the game looks very confident, but if you look deeper, it’s clear that a lot of it got so high due to a confluence of many circumstances. In terms of prize money in an average year, it would have been increased for sure, and its spectator figures have shown a dip, so it’ll drop back down a few places when the tournaments return to their usual format. Still, these are outstanding numbers and are unlikely to lose out next year. Nevertheless, it is now based on Riot Games among its mobile League of Legends, which could attract the notice of supporters of mobile MOBA games.


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