Matt Stone Net Worth: Family, Career, Age, and More

matt stone net worth

Matt Stone Net Worth: 700 Million Dollars

The creative creator of animation known as Matt Stone, the co-founder, and creator of South Park is non-other than Matt Stone.

Sheila Lois Belasco and Gerald Whitney Stone, Jr. were blessed by a baby boy on the 26th of May 1971 in Houston, Texas, United States. They named him Matthew Richard Stone. Who knew that this boy will be known as the animation creator and the world will know him as Matt Stone. Matt Stone is at the age of 49 right now. He got married to his love of life Angela Howard in 2008. They both are living a very happy married life with two children. Matt Stone’s children’s names are not known yet neither the show biz has seen them as the couple wants to be their personal and private life separate from the showbiz world.

The career of Matt Stone

Now talking of the career of Matt, Matthew Richard Stone or Matt Stone is an American writer, producer, composer, actor, voice actor, and the famous animator! He created his animated show named South Park with his creative partner Trey Parker in 1997. This show is the favorite of so many people and it is still streaming especially its pandemic version. Even the creator Matt and Trey want it to be canceled but on the demand of the people, South Park is going to stream again in 2020 with its new season number 23.

‘Team America; World Police’ (2004) ‘BASEketball’ (1998) ‘The Aristocrats’ (2005) are some of the famous and recommended show of Matt Stone. Not only show but he has written some plays and books too in which ‘ The Book of Mormon Script Book: The Complete Book and Lyrics of Broadway Musical’ is very interesting, throughout all of his work he got succeed in earning a net worth of 700 million dollars!


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