Top 10 Male Models With Long Hair (2022 List)

Male Models With Long Hair

Those were the days when hair was a trend for women only; nowadays, it is a common trend among guys too. Hairstyles are of different kinds and varieties. Search the extended-haired men’s photos, and you will find many hairstyles to choose from according to your face and personality. Are you looking for a hairstyle that will suit you the most? Follow the Famous Male Model with Long Hair having a different style.

For inspiration, check out the following list of ten Models which will inspire you to make a better decision.

Famous Male Models With Long Hair

Johnny Harrington

Johnny Harington has a stunning look and is known as a male model. His lengthy hairstyle looks impressive due to his thick beard and blue eyes. In the fashion industry, he is one of the best models among the bearded, extended hair male model.

male models with long hair

Brock O’Hurn

He is an actor, a role model, and has an athletic physique. His extended Burnette hairstyle would give an extra glow to the face. He was born on August 19, 1991, in the USA.

long hair male models

Jordun Love

Jordun Love was born and raised in Philaphedia. He spent his childhood in dance studios. He did not like to go to barbershops. His haircut turns from the curly crop with a bit of fade to mini curls. That caught the eyes of the modeling agent, and he became famous.

famous male models with long hair

Dylan Foskett

Dylan is a role model for many girls because of his bleached white hair. His blue eyes and white hair made him a celebrity.

long hair model

Ben Dahlhaus

He is 25 years old and a famous male model with long hair. He has a brown curly cut. If you have a brown hairstyle and your personality matches, you can grow style like him.

famous male model with long hair

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Konan Hanbury

Konan is a male model with blue eyes and a waist-length blonde style. He has appeared in many editorials like Boyhood.

male models with long hairstyles

Michael Lockley

Michael’s haircut would be the best choice if someone were born curly and frizzy. To style curly hair, this guy knows the secret.

famous male models

Willy Cartier

Willy’s hairstyle is so simple and unique; only by moving a finger and using curl spray can you ace this style.

Long Hair Models

Michael Bailey Gates

Michael Bailey was born in Rhode Island. He is an American artist, photographer, and model. The combination of his eyes and hair makes him look good.

Male Model With Long Hair

Viggo Jonasson

Viggo is new in the fashion industry, but his style is getting more popular daily. He has a brown and straight hairstyle. This style is an excellent option for anyone with a haircut until the shoulder.

Famous Male Model


Many famous male models with long hairstyles have a huge fan following. Not only because of their work but also their eye-catching and attractive personality.

Long hair male models are trendy nowadays; groom your personality by choosing any male models with long hair.


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