Everything You Need To Know About On Demand Refrigerated Courier Services

Refrigerated Courier Services

Refrigerated couriers are an essential part of the transport process. They provide refrigerated trucks that can move produce, electronic items, and anything else that needs to be kept at a certain temperature. When the weather starts to heat up this is the only way of shipping these products large distances.

How Refrigerated Couriers Work

Reputable refrigerated couriers have an array of trucks waiting to be used. Every truck is carefully maintained to ensure it is roadworthy and capable of traveling vast distances. The trucks have refrigerated units that keep the interior between two designated temperatures.

These are set before pick-up to ensure the temperature is right when they pick up your goods. The refrigerated unit will be monitored to ensure the temperature stays within the correct range. If it gets close to the edge of the defined range a warning will be sounded. The driver can then adjust the thermostat or assess if there is an issue. In extreme cases, an alternative truck will be dispatched to swap the loads and ensure the product being carried gets to its destination at the right temperature.

It is an effective and efficient way of moving products across the country. It is also big business.

Available On-Demand

Of course, not everyone can afford to keep their own refrigerated trucks on the road. You may not even produce enough stuff to arrange a regular pick-up with a local firm. This can make it challenging when you have goods that need to be moved and be kept at a specific temperature.

Fortunately, the industry has a solution, refrigerated couriers on demand. All you have to do is call them and tell them you need a refrigerated truck to carry your products from one place to another.

They will confirm the size of your cargo, the pick-up and destination, and the temperature that the product needs to be kept at. In return, they will give you a price. The more notice they have the lower the price is likely to be.

The refrigerated courier service will sort out collecting your produce on the desired date. If you don’t have a full truck they may mix it with other cargo but this won’t affect the temperature setting or the amount of time it takes to be delivered.

Once they have told you the date and time of collection you simply have to have the products ready to go. They will handle loading the cargo and then they will set off on their journey.


To give you and your customer’s peace of mind all trucks can be tracked, this ensures you know exactly where your goods are at any time. You can also monitor the temperature in your truck to ensure it stays within the agreed limits at all times.

This doesn’t just mean your goods are transported correctly. Using a refrigerated courier service ensures your produce is handled correctly at all stages of the journey, giving you and your customer peace of mind.


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