The Surprising Truth About Johnny Depp’s Teeth

Johnny Depp Teeth

Johnny Depp’s teeth have been a hot topic. People commenting on his teeth said that it looks too ugly, and some are concerned about what happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth. He has told us nothing about his teeth, people have their speculations, but today we will disclose a few facts about why he has golden Veneers. We will tell you what happened to Johnny Depp teeth.

The reason behind his golden veneers

In his childhood, he suffered from physical abuse and mental torture by his birth mother. His sister also explained that their mother was cruel, and it was uncommon for her to throw an ashtray at them or smack them upside the head with a phone receiver or high heel. To conceal the dark memories of childhood, he started drinking alcohol at 12. He was smoking and taking cocaine in his teenage. Moreover, he has been using drugs for decades but has no serious medical problems.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) never seemed to have enough alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol results in teeth deterioration, early tooth decay, and yellowing of teeth.

In the role, he played in Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp teeth had golden caps all over his denticles.

In his other movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he played the role of Raoul Duke; he shows endless drug use and practically smoking nonstop on screen. Smoking cigarettes can harm the denticles making them yellow, teeth loss and gum disease, and in case, cancer.

In the 2001 film Blow, he played the role of American cocaine smuggler George Jung, and he also did cocaine. Further, he said in one interview he also did cocaine with Marilyn Manson. People think it does not affect the denticles, but it is wrong. Effects of taking cocaine include perforation of the palate, periodontitis or retracted gums, dry mouth, and cavities. The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is the cause of Johnny Depp’s teeth problems. Despite all factors, his toxic relationship may be the reason. In one of his interviews, he revealed his relationship by saying: that he spent years poisoning himself.


It was our obvious guess regarding Johnny Depp teeth, and we are sure some of them may be facts about what happened to Johnny Depp teeth? There are many dark happenings in Johnny dep life an abusive childhood to a poisonous relationship that led him to take drugs. The excessive drug use over time also affected his all-over appearance.


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