Debunking The Myth: Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product?

Is Dr Pepper a Coke Product

Dr Pepper is an old soft drink brand in America, and people are confused about which company owns it.

Let us clear your confusion about is Dr Pepper a coke product? and we will give an overview of the company.

Dr Pepper parent company?

Neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi is the owner, but some Cola and Pepsi plants bottle their products. American company Mondelez and Austrian company JAB holdings own this brand.

They also own Cinnabon, Canada Dry, Keurig, Snapple, and Kahlua. In the United States, it is the seventh largest beverage company. They have 25000 employees at over 100 distribution centers.

Complex Relationship with Coke

It has a complex relationship with cold drinks giants Coke and Pepsi. Coca-Cola also tried to purchase Dr Pepper when it went bankrupt in 2008. But this company had antitrust issues with Coke therefore, this does not take place. Pepsi has international distribution centers, and Coke may also deliver to South Korea and Europe.

The History of Dr Pepper

The first bottle of it was made in 1885. The pharmacist Charles Alderton mixed soda fountain flavors until he found one customer loved in Waco, Texas, Wade Morrison. The brand soon became a National brand name by the 1960s after expanding across the country. Sugar-Free Dr Pepper came into the market in 1962 as the Dietetic version of it. Later flavors included Cherry and Diet Cherry Chocolate, which were short-lived.

Was Dr Pepper an actual person?

The corporation claims that Wade Morrison’s daughter sees the scientist Charles T Pepper as her role model, therefore; he gave the name Dr Pepper to this brand.

Is the Recipe a Cola?

In the beverage market, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been trying to prevent it from gaining too much ground. A Federal Court ruled in 1963 that the flavor was distinct enough not to qualify as a Cola.

Is Dr Pepper Recipe a secret?

The inventor keeps its method a secret, but a recipe surfaced in 2009 when a collector in Oklahoma offered a ledger ebook at an antique store. Inside the book, the collector found a recipe. It tastes similar to Cola because the ingredients are the same with a bit of difference.


So here is the information about the company, we hope you like it, and your confusion is Dr Pepper a coke product? resolved now. This soft drink contains ingredients similar to coke.


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