How to Choose The Perfect Restaurant Chairs: Style or Comfort?

Perfect Restaurant Chairs

Restaurateurs are distinct members of the entrepreneurial community in that they generally take a lot more pride in their work. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you would feel when you see your patrons enjoying a lovely meal and the lively chatter that would ensue, and many restaurant owners would consider this to be the highlight of their careers!

However, if you want your customers to have the perfect experience, you need to start off by choosing the right chairs. It might sound like an easy enough decision to make, but you will soon realize that there are two main considerations that need to be balanced.

To be more specific, when you go out looking for chairs to buy for your restaurant, you might be wondering if you should prioritize style or comfort. There are major benefits that can be obtained by focusing on either of these qualities, so let’s start off by breaking them down to understand them better.

Starting with style, this is an element of restaurant chairs that can be invaluable if used right. Remember, you’re not just selling food to your customers, you’re selling experiences! This makes the ambiance of your eatery a top priority, and nothing can affect the ambiance more than your furniture.

If there’s one thing that style brings you, it’s memorability. The visual appeal of our restaurant would leave an indelible impression on your customers, so it’s clearly something worth investing in.

Opting for chairs that have certain stylistic enhancements can certainly give your restaurant an aesthetic boost. Customers that walk in to inquire about a reservation would be enchanted by the beauty of your seating arrangements, and they would subsequently be more willing to give your eatery a try.

There is also quite a lot of marketing value in stylish chairs. When your restaurant is still in its early days, you may find it challenging to get any customers to place a significant number of orders. This can be easily remedied with a targeted marketing campaign, and portraying the interior environment of your eatery is par for the course.

Marketing campaigns can be decidedly more effective if they contain pictures, and the more stylish your chairs are, the greater your ad reach will be. Social media users tend to have very short attention spans, so it helps to have something eye catching to pique their interests. If your chairs look like veritable works of art, it will only be a matter of time before your ad campaign really starts to take off.

However, no amount of stylistic flair can compensate for a lack of comfort. Poor comfort levels in restaurants are notorious for causing downward spirals in financial affairs. Customers might be lured in at first, but once they realize that your seating arrangements are painful at best, they would want nothing more than to pay the bill and leave.

Not only would this prevent you from extracting maximum value from each patron, it will also ruin your reputation in the long run. Customers that find your chairs uncomfortable will spread the word about your lack of foresight, and you may find yourself running out of patrons who can keep your business afloat.

All of this is to say that it’s essential to find a balance between these two factors. What you need is a set of chairs that look great but are also capable of giving customers an escape from the stresses of their daily life. Your patrons are relying on you for their reprieve, so it is up to you to find a way to combine style and comfort to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts!

So, how can you go about doing this? Well, it all starts off by choosing the right materials. Wooden chairs are usually considered beautiful, and you can adjust their visual style based on how refined or roughly hewn they are.

If you’re looking for a chair that imparts a rustic vibe, an intentional lack of finishing can hit the nail on the head. Chairs with finer wood grain and high quality polish are better suited to restaurants that cater to a more exclusive clientele.

No matter which option you choose, improving comfort will be relatively easy. You just need to make sure that the chair has a high, curved back. The height will enable even the tallest of customers to rest easy as they dine on your delicacies, and a curve will help the backrest conform to the natural curvature of the human body.

Now, some restaurateurs are looking to mix things up by moving beyond traditional wooden chairs. Metal is a popular choice for out of the box thinkers, and they can most definitely create a futuristic, sleek aesthetic that is quite helpful for restaurants offering haute cuisine.

A common misconception is that buying metal chairs inherently involves sacrificing comfort for style, but that isn’t necessarily true. After all, you won’t just be using bare metal chairs here. Rather, any metallic chairs that you do end up incorporating into your restaurant’s seating facilities will have some cushioned portions that can take the edge off.

The crux of what we are trying to say is that there is no need to look at this in a style versus comfort context. Rather, you should view both of these things as requirements that can be fulfilled in equal measure. Some restaurants might need a more stylized layout, whereas family oriented diners often care less about visuals and more about giving customers seats that they can just sink into. It’s all a matter of figuring out what type of restaurant you are trying to operate!

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