How An AdWords Consultant Can Give Your Business the Power of Google

AdWords Consultant

Running a search for a ‘Google AdWords consultant’ generates about 10,100,000 results in 0.52 seconds. In other words, there is no shortage of choice. Everyone from the largest global advertising agencies to individual freelancers are getting in on the act.


Because there is so much demand for expert help with running Google AdWords campaigns. With over 3.5 billion searches being run on Google every day, it is many people’s number one choice for finding what they want.

Is your firm getting leads from Google search? Or are you always disappointed and confused about why relevant buyers are not finding your excellent products and services from the world’s biggest search engine? Given that you are reading this article, we suspect the answer is somewhere closer to the latter.

How to get started?

If you want to bring in more leads from Google, the first question to ask is whether you plan to do the work yourself, or outsource it to a specialist. Not only is Google important, but it can also be fiddly to get right, and costly if you get it wrong.

Failure to stand out on Google searches can mean your competitors hoover up all the good leads. Standing out to the wrong audience means you will pay for clicks that do not turn into revenue.

To avoid either of these undesirable scenarios happening to your firm, the safe bet is to look into AdWords management services. Outsourcing to an expert will ensure you ads are well positioned in search results, and attract the right profile of target persona.

Finding a Google AdWords consultant

As we have seen, there is plenty of choice. Finding AdWords consultants is not the problem. Finding a good one that suits your business is a different matter.

Set aside a little time to get this hire right, and you will reap the rewards in the long run. Have a look at a minimum of ten agencies’ websites before making a shortlist of 3-4. You should look for a portfolio of named clients, trading history, and reviews if there are any.

Also ensure your shortlisted agencies are official Google AdWords partners. The main value you will derive from your AdWords campaign management company is their detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of Google Ads. Knowing Google’s algorithm inside out is vital, and keeping up to date with its continuous changes takes time. Even then, having the time to translate this knowledge into changes to make to your own campaigns is another factor.

In short, you need an agency that is technically proficient as well as easy to work with. Providing ongoing TLC for your campaigns is the other main value an outside expert will provide. Small adjustments to keywords or ad copy can make a big difference to the type of leads you generate. Ultimately this can mean a success or failure of your campaign.

Responding to a hot topic or keyword can scoop up many more leads. Conversely, running bad or irrelevant keywords will mean you miss out on prospects or generate wasted clicks. Think of AdWords campaigns as a well-oiled machine. They can produce great results, but they need some care and attention to make sure they run to the best of their ability.

Is budget a concern?

If you only have a limited budget to invest on AdWords, it may seem tempting to use every cent of that on the actual Ads. While there is logic to this theory, it is flawed.

Here the 80/20 rule applies. Ask yourself whether you would rather have 80% of some great leads, or 100% of leads of varying quality. By investing some of your budget on a well-researched AdWords consultant, you can almost guarantee the quality of the leads you do get will be higher.

Also, consider the total cost of poor leads. It is not just about the PPC itself. As well as the cost to Google for clicks on duff leads, you will also waste internal resources qualifying them to no avail.

Making your choice

After you have spoken with a few different agencies, go ahead and make your choice. Agree a 2-3 month paid proof of concept period where you can test the relationship and see how the agency deliver.

Use this time to establish a regular routine for working together, and to understand what both parties need from one another. Above all, congratulate yourself on having made one of the most important choices for your future business growth. Investing in Google Ads is an essential of all progressive and growing firms in 2021.


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