9 Healthy Reasons To Add Nuts To Your Diet

Nuts Diet

You may not have heard it from here first, but nuts are extremely good for health, especially bulk nuts. Nuts provide proteins that are plant-based and consist of healthy unsaturated fats. These are critical omega-3 and omega-six fatty acids. It also has vitamin E and fiber. According to experts, nuts also help mitigate your blood cholesterol and fight back against inflammation that triggers heart disease. What is more, they may even minimize your chances of developing clots in the blood.

Add nuts the correct way

Nuts can give you impressive nutritional benefits. But still, you need to be smart and cautious about how much nuts to add to your diet.

Meal or powder

Bulk nuts can be effortlessly reduced to a meal or powder. It can be added to everything from shakes to smoothies. You can also utilize it as toppings on a salad or sandwich. Break down the nuts using a mortar and pestle or your food processor to turn them into a texture you prefer. You can store these processed powders in the refrigerator to utilize throughout the workweek. Instead of adding croutons to your salad, you will be able to get a satisfying crunch with nut ingredients.

Breakfast cereal

You may also utilize chopped pecans instead of sugar in breakfast cereal to provide added sweetness along with health benefits. Additionally, you will be getting extra fiber.

Nut sandwich

You can even make a nut sandwich. Combine 1 ounce of chopped walnuts with olives and low-fat mayo or dressing to make an excellent spread to put over wheat bread. The entire meal will only be 300 cal.


Nuts are a fabulous topping for fish, especially salmon. It must also be mentioned that the pretty presentation will make your mouth water. It is a feast for the eyes as well.

Side dishes

Think of combinations such as brown rice and chopped pecans. Additionally, green beans and almonds and pistachios and peas and carrots can also be combined with nuts. Nuts are a flexible ingredient. You can have tons of fun being creative with them.


Stir-fries can get a level up by adding some nuts. You can experiment a bit more with chicken stir-fry and several others into your mouth-watering beef and pepper dishes.


Additionally, you can put nuts in curries. Nuts can be added to curries or vegetable dishes. Try peanuts combined with stir-fried vegetables. Walnuts are a great complement to fish curries. You can put almonds with hot chicken curries. You will discover that you will love the new taste of these nutty curries.

Syrups and casseroles

You can also add powdered nuts into soup and casseroles as a thickening agent. You can again try some powdered almonds. They can thicken low-fat milk and yogurt quite quickly. It adds its distinct flavor to the mix.

Nuts have numerous health benefits. Studies show that adding a daily serving of nuts to your meal may increase your lifespan. Individuals who consume at least 30 g of nuts per day will have a lowered risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and other fatal diseases. The revelations of this study should be good enough reason to start adding nuts to your diet.


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