11 Gifts to Give Your Mom Friends This Year

gifts for moms

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all gift for your mom besties. Some moms like to cook; others would rather have a drink. Coming up with the perfect gift can feel like an impossible task. And when she humbly says, “You don’t have to get me anything,” we’re sure she’ll love any gift you choose from this list.

A gift guide can help you find what you’re looking for, especially when you need a spark of inspiration. Whether she loves to read or cook, there’s a unique gift for every mom archetype below.

Here are 11 of the top gifts for moms.

Beauty Gift Ideas for Moms

Facial Treatment Device

Now, mom can add to her special spa day collection at home with an LED skin tightening device by Instalift. Instead of making a facial appointment, she can improve her skin beautifully with this skin-enhancing device.

It’s perfect for removing wrinkles, fine lines and enhancing the overall appearance of her skin. The Instalift uses LED light therapy to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts and blemishes. You’ll surely make her day when you gift her with a device that will give her radiant, glowing skin.

A Face Mask for Relaxation

Kick up her at-home spa days a few notches with the Mask & Relax Gift Set by Bubble. This gift set comes with a detoxifying clay mask and a mini mask applicator so she can truly relax without the mess. Once she’s ready to take it off, the super-soft washcloth will gently remove everything.

Moms deserve some “me” time, and this face mask set will give her skin much-needed rejuvenation.

A Weighted Sleep Mask for Instant Sleep

Help mom get the most of her beauty sleep with a weighted sleep mask by Nodpod. For all moms, sleep is a luxury. And with all the work she does at home, a weighted eye mask can give her that indulgence.

Weighted sleeping masks are the perfect solution to help her sleep faster, longer and better at night.

The plus side to gifting a weighted eye mask is that it’s perfect for everyone. The gentle weight will place the right amount of pressure to lull her to sleep. And she’ll rest easy no matter which position she sleeps.

Fashion Gift Ideas for Moms

Accessorize With a Charm Bracelet

Some moms love the gifts that show off their personality at best. A charm bracelet that says mama bear is a simple yet sweet present that shows how thoughtful you are toward her.

Plush Luxurious Bathrobe

Some moms like to stick with comfort all day. A soft, full-length bathrobe will help her feel cozy on the days she’s in the mood to relax. The Silver Lilly bathrobe comes in several color options: grey, purple, white, black, and red.

A shower alone may feel like a luxury to her. So gifting her with a soft bathrobe will enhance her overall “spa-like” experience.

Cushy Slipper With Memory Foam

You can’t go wrong with a pair of cozy slippers that your mom bestie can wear on her feet. Sure, slippers can come in many styles. But there’s nothing quite like a pair of Moc Slippers by Acorn.

Their products are lightweight, softly lined with faux fur and have an extra layer of cushion-ey memory foam. So mom can have comfort and extra warmth on her feet wherever she goes.

Foodie Gifts for Moms

A Cookie Baking Book

Surprise mom with a gift that lets her get her baking on. From brownies to the classic chocolate chip cookie, the cookie cookbook has tons of recipes to choose from. For moms who adore baking, this cookbook will give them the recipes they need to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Some yummy recipes will show her how to make marshmallow peanut butter brownies or red wine cherry cheesecake swirl bars.

A Savory Treat from Milk Bar

Moms love a good treat every once in a while. Send her a delicious Milk Bar gift you can have delivered to her front door. Choose from a Peppermint Bark Truffle Box or mix it up with the Holiday Spread. Milk Bar treats are the perfect holiday gift to give and fun to eat.

A Tasty Charcuterie and Chocolate Gift Set

Do you have a mom friend who has an obsession with charcuterie assortments? The charcuterie and chocolate gift box set includes a variety of meats, cheeses and signature chocolate. This mouthwatering gift will surely satisfy all her sweet and salty cravings.

Wellness Gifts for Moms

A Water Bottle Designed to Keep You Healthy

The HydroJug is favored for plenty of reasons. Moms can stay hydrated all day wherever they go. The HydroJug is a sleek water bottle that comes in various fun colors and pretty patterns. What’s more, you can also gift it with a sleeve to keep the water cold and make it easy to carry.

A Book of the Month Subscription

If you have a mom friend who loves to read, a membership to Book of the Month makes the perfect gift. The membership gives her the option to choose a new book each month. If she’s an avid reader, she can select more books to read if she wants.

Give Your Mom Friends a Thoughtful Gift

Give her the gift that shows you care. Hopefully, this list gave you some inspirational ideas about what you’ll give her this year. Whether you surprise her with a new bathrobe or a delicious treat, your mom bestie will love whichever gift you choose.


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