Emerging Trends In The Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery manufacturing is one of the most difficult businesses to get into. This is because of the entrance hurdles such as high capital requirements and established monopoly of the big corporations.

However, this trend is changing with new technology that has reduced the requirements to enter. Moreover, new types of machinery are required which are not manufactured by the big corporations.

Some of these new trends in the industry are discussed here. If you plan on getting into this business, reading this article will enlighten your perspective and add to the knowledge of the industry.

Food Processing Machinery

The food industry has seen a steady rise in the past decade. This has been due to the trend of millennial’s demand for quick food. This has also resulted in more and more food processing units across the world.

These processing units are developing new types of machinery, which are then manufactured and customized to meet the processing needs. The need for new entrants is also there because of new policies by various governments. For example, the Canadian government is supporting innovation in the food processing industry. These policies can be read at https://www.fhcp.ca/.

Custom-Built Machines

Like all other markets, the machinery manufacturing sector has seen the growth of niche business models. This is because all the niche businesses require specialized machinery to produce their products.

The large manufacturers do not produce these machines because they have low demand. However, the smaller and newer companies can focus on them and develop a special clientele.

An example of this is the Wolverine Engines that produces such customized engines and machinery. They have various machines listed on their website ranging from ordinary to a 350 chevy engine for sale.

Repairing and Reuse Sector

With the awareness regarding climate change growing, the machinery manufacturing industry is also adapting to this new trend. Therefore, more sustainable business models are being introduced.

One such business model that is growing at rapid rates is the repairing and reusing of other machine parts to create new machines. Craft Customs is one such company operating in this niche. They take in parts from the people and convert them into customized machines.

This segment has tremendous growth potential. It is because more and more governments are providing incentives to sustainable businesses that contribute to making the environment better. As this segment results in reduced wastage, they may see phenomenal growth in the next decade.

Artificially Intelligent machines

Although this sector is yet to be adopted on a large scale, the ground is being set for it to be mainstreamed. Almost all large tech companies are working on improving AI. This has led to gradual growth in AI machines as well.

As the future belongs to these innovations, it is expected to be one of the most important trends in this industry.


These trends show immense potential for new entrants to create a market share. By going into one of these sub-segments, the companies will be able to enjoy steady growth along with being safeguarded from the big sharks.


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