Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth: Family, Career, Age, and More

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth: 490 Million Dollars

If you don’t know who Ellen DeGeneres was then you’ve missed the funniest TV show host of all time. The pranks of Ellen are the most famous pranks on celebrities especially the horror ones.

Ellen DeGeneres was born to Betty DeGeneres and Elliott DeGeneres on the 26th of July, 1958 in Metairie, Louisiana, United States. Ellen is right now at the age of 62 and has a good height of 1.71m. Ellen also has a brother Vance DeGeneres, he is also a celebrity.
Ellen was dating Anne Heche for three years. They don’t hide their relationship from the world but do date openly. Then they got separated in 2000, they were said to be the hottest couple in Hollywood at that time. Then Anne got married to a cameraman Coleman Laffoon in 2001, they had a son together but then got separated in 2009. Ellen is now married to Portia De Rossi the love of her life since 2008 and they are doing absolutely fine together.

The career of Ellen DeGeneres

Now talking about Ellen’s career then Ellen is an American writer, producer, actor, comedian but she is mostly known as the TV host. She starred in the show of sitcom Ellen from which she started gaining popularity, she did this show form 1994-1998. Right now Ellen is doing a show since 2003 named ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Ellen is not only doing an interviewing celebrity show but also hosting a show named ‘Ellen Game of Games’ since 2017. It is the most hilarious show and people enjoy the different games she let her contestants play. Ellen has a net worth of $490 million!

Ellen is not only a great TV show host but also a great actor as well she even played the role of Dolly in the most famous animated movies ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’. Ellen has also written books and a great author as well her biography book’s name is ‘seriously…I’m Kidding’ she not only wrote about herself but also wrote a lot of motivational quotes in it which 90% of the people love and give 5 stars. Ellen said that ‘Everything I fear, happened to me’ she learned to live from the hard experience of life.


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