Don’t Fall for These Business Career Myths


What are the most common career myths making the rounds in the early 2020s? One stalwart member of the misinformation club is that scholarship money for college students is drying up. It’s actually more available than ever. Here are details about that and a few other pernicious career-related myths and falsehoods you might hear from time to time.

Scholarship Money is Scarce for Degree Seekers

There are plenty of opportunities available. Every year, private and public organizations hand out vast sums in scholarship cash to eligible candidates. The catch is that in order to get any money, you must submit an application. That’s a pretty low hurdle, but millions of people don’t ever attempt to clear it. Fortunately, if your financial radar is in the on position, it’s easy to use a multi-purpose website platform to search and apply for scholarship opportunities before attending school. It’s a wise way to uncover as much money as possible, all of which can go toward offsetting some or all of your school expenses.

It’s Better to Start Your Own Company

Startups and indie businesses can and do succeed but getting an education and a few years of experience in the corporate world offers a better chance of long-term success. While the idea of being your own boss as an independent owner is attractive, most startup entrepreneurs have degrees and at least a couple of years of relevant job experience before setting out on their own. That’s not to say that all solo practitioners fail; many do quite well, particularly in fields like accounting and financial planning. However, the one-person companies and small organizations that do best are run by degreed, experienced people who gained essential industry skills by working for someone else after earning a college degree.

A Great Resume Will Get You a Job

The main purpose of a resume is to secure an interview. It’s important for working adults and recent college grads to know what resumes are supposed to do. They do not help you find your dream job or land you a job. Only you can do that after interviewing with a potential employer. However, having a high-quality resume is the main tool that can help candidates get those interviews in the first place. The smartest way to create a top-notch document is to hire a professional resume writer to make one. Prices are competitive, and an expert can build a perfect resume for any job applicant in just a few hours. But don’t fall into the trap of assuming that a piece of paper will get you a worthwhile professional position.

Online Degrees Carry No Weight

Online diplomas from accredited schools are recognized and respected by hiring agents. In the digital age, employers generally don’t care whether a job applicant holds an online or traditional college degree. The main thing they’re looking for is a credential that came from an accredited program of higher education. Every year, hundreds of thousands of young adults and working professionals earn college degrees online. Times have changed, and nowadays, online schooling is just as valid and valued as traditional forms of education.


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