Choosing an Individual Retirement Account with Tax Advantage

Individual Retirement Account

When it comes to saving up for retirement, so many options come to mind. Some of these options include traditional pensions, cash-balance plans, or the Solo 401(k) plan. However, if you are self-employed, choosing an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) would be the best option for you.

Most times, a lot of people do not know how IRAs work. It is an account opened by an individual to aid saving for the future, that is, after retirement. IRAs are of many types but the commonest are traditional and Roth IRAs. Traditional IRAs are just used for savings. However, unlike the traditional type, you can diversify your Roth account into other investment options with just a few steps.

More than just saving, this gives you an edge against inflation. As a result, the worth of your savings would not fall, rather it flourishes.

In this article, we will do a quick review of how to choose an IRA with tax advantage. Please keep reading as we explain more.

How Does IRA with Tax Advantage work?

IRA with tax advantage, in simplest terms is also known as Roth IRA. It is the type of retirement savings account that receives payment after tax has been deducted. In other words, it is credited with post tax savings. So, this eliminates payment of tax in the future when withdrawal is made. Thereby, making it a tax advantaged account.

On the other hand, traditional IRAs, receives payment when tax has not been deducted. This implies that it is a pre-tax savings. As a result, when withdrawal is made in the future, tax is deducted as well. This simply explains the difference between traditional and Roth retirement accounts.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an IRA with Tax Advantage

The following are some of the factors you need to consider:


Not everyone is qualified or eligible to open Roth IRAs. This is because it has some requirements. As part of the requirements, you must have a source of earning which enables you to save. Your source of income should be stable and predictable.

Other requirements include having a recognized means of identification. This could be your national Identity card, international passport, driver’s license or green card.

Additionally, there is a spousal individual retirement account where spouses can jointly enjoy the benefits of the account. In this case, the couple will need to tender a formal document that proves their marriage is legal and a joint record of taxes. If you want more information about the requirements, you can visit:


This type of account like others has rules and regulations. The rules are quite different from that of traditional IRAs. So, before you go for it, you need to understand the rules involved. As part of the rules, withdrawal of funds from the account cannot be made until after 5 years. This 5-year period is tagged the “holding period”. Also, withdrawal is allowed when you are 59 years and above. Although, there are exceptions to this rule like in cases of home or college expenses.

Apart from withdrawal rules, deposit rules also apply. There is a limit to the amount that can be saved in them over a period of time. However, this differs depending on the type of IRA company. It is of great necessity that you understand the nitty-gritty of this account before you choose.

Funding and Managing the Account

How do you intend to fund it? This is one very important question you should ask before making your choice.

After getting all these settled, you are ready to get started.

Steps to Choosing an Individual retirement account with tax advantage

The following are the steps you should take:

Search and Register with a Certified IRA provider

There are countless IRA companies around you, so you need to find the best that suit your needs. Ensure that any company you choose is certified and licensed to offer IRA services to the public.

You can register with a bank, credit organization or brokers. Always make sure the company is licensed, certified, and insured.

Sign the Paperwork

After registering with a company, the next step is to sign an agreement with them. The two documents you need to sign are agreement, and disclosure statement.

These two documents contain the terms and conditions of the account, so ensure that you read and understand it carefully before consenting or signing it. You can also contact your CPA or financial advisor, to explain more of the details to you.


When your account is ready, you can fund it and use the funds to invest in other sectors like trade, precious metals, stocks, bonds, or shares. The important thing is that you make the right choice of investment. If you need to find out more information about the types of IRA investments, you can check here.

Check for other services

Most retirement account companies do not just offer only one service. So, do well to find out additional services they offer, then you can enjoy all the be benefits embedded in having a Roth retirement account


We have discussed the factors you need to consider before choosing a Roth retirement account. We have also explained how to get started with it. Your after-retirement finance is determined by what you do today. So, it is a deliberate effort. Ensure that you make the right decision, and you would not regret it. Take the risk, it’s worth it.


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