Bryce Kristensen Net Worth: Family, Career, Age, and More

Bryce Kristensen

Who is Bryce Kristensen?

He is the former vice president of digital productions for E! News, NBC universals, and the founder of the CEO of Powell Street Media. His nationality is American. He was born in 1983. He got married to Kate Kristensen. He is a very famous and rich person. He is accused of having affair with Morgan Stewart who is the wife of star Brendan Fitzpatrick but in an interview, they both proved this allegation wrong by saying that they have known each other since the beginning of their career and they both are nothing more than friends and colleagues. She said that Brendan Fitzpatrick and I are happily married and planning to have a baby soon at the right time as she loves kids.

The career of Bryce Kristensen

He began his career in 2010. His first digital script series ”hash taggers” proved to expand footprint in digital content creation as well as on-air. In April 2018, he told Digi Day that his ultimate plan was to create a digital series so that he would be picked by national television. He has been let go of his position at NBC universals because of that rumor of having an affair with Morgan Stewart.

Education of Bryce Kristensen

He got graduated from Emerson College. He had been promoted as a result of a major shake-up at NBC universal. He came to NBC universal after CBS interactive division.

Achievements of Bryce Kristensen

His name was given by Ad-age as one of the 40-under-40. His profile defined him as “the man behind NBC universals” digital efforts.

Net Worth of Bryce Kristensen

Everyone wants to know about Bryce Kristensen net worth but this is something that has not been discovered and this is still under review.


    • I worked with him for many years both at and after his time at E! and sorry to say he has few boundaries and an inflated ego. Can be great, but zero impulse control and cannot be trusted.


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