BetterMe asks users to make a vow to accept and honor themselves in the VowToMyself campaign

VowToMyself campaign

BetterMe, a leading Health & Fitness mobile publisher, launches a global campaign, VowToMyself, asking users ‘to love every fold and every curve on days when love comes easy and especially on days when love comes hard’.

BetterMe takes a stand for body neutrality with a new video manifesto that encourages everyone to appreciate their bodies for better or for worse; for lighter or for heavier; on Insta-ready days and ready-to-die days… to love themselves as they are always. BetterMe’s VowToMyself campaign draws inspiration from the well-known wedding vows and creates a manifesto of self-acceptance. We believe in the campaign’s potential to be life-changing.

The VowToMyself manifesto is only a part of the global campaign to reach and inspire a larger audience. While the beauty industry tends to over-analyze human bodies for defects and differences, and mold everyone according to an accepted beauty standard, we believe that everyone needs to see regular, real people, and hear their stories. To take a step in the right direction, BetterMe is starting a TikTok Challenge with inspirational voice vows, and creating an Instagram mask to make the campaign visible for everyone on social media. Going one step further, BetterMe created a #VowToMyself hashtag for those who would like to share their vows to increase chances of sticking to them.

Find the perfect match

It’s easy to accept ourselves when we do something great like winning an award, falling in love, or starting a dream job. But what about accepting ourselves at our lowest and with our faults and flaws all on display? Who can vow to do that?

Exchanging the vows with our significant others is deeply rooted in our traditions and culture. We eagerly promise to love and honor one another forever. But what if we make such a ‘vow’ to ourselves? If we did, we could ‘create happiness within’ by becoming our own perfect match.

What do our users think?

One of BetterMe’s active users, Debbie, agrees that only harmony and happiness within can lead to a healthy body. You do need to be mentally ready for changes, she said. Self-acceptance is a crucial component of your psychological well-being. For example, compared to their normal-weight peers, adolescents that have excess weight reported psychosocial problems and victimization much more often.

The campaign was developed by BetterMe in collaboration with an independent creative agency DRAMA QUEEN (Kyiv, Ukraine). The video, filmed by Dutch director Ben Brand and Ukrainian production studio tvlab, has beautiful cinematography and features a regular girl, living her normal life and struggling with self-acceptance.

BetterMe’s main goal is to create a product that serves everyone. One of the company’s core values is inclusion and diversity. We personalize the content for different groups and provide users with special flows for middle-aged, older adults, people using wheelchairs, and families.

In order to popularize the ideas of inclusiveness, the team also diversified the usual app flow with different types of models that promote body neutrality and acceptance. BetterMe believes in the pure beauty of a healthy body, no matter what.


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