The 3 Best Ways To Make Sure Your IT Team Is Productive

IT Team

It doesn’t matter what kind of tech company you’ve started. It could be an ad tech startup or a SaaS company that develops apps. If it involves technology, then you are dealing with an IT department. At some point, there will be a lull in productivity. People aren’t machines, after all, so there will be times when things are not clicking as they should.

When this happens then it’s up to you to find ways to make sure that the IT team is able to come back and be its productive self. It will take a bit of effort and some trial and error to make sure that productivity is not lagging. Once things start working then your team will return to being a well-oiled machine. In this article, we will go over what your company should be doing to maximize productivity within the IT department.

1. Foster collaboration

Within the IT department, there are surely multiple teams working on various stages of a project. This means that there are sometimes silos that form and breaking into one can be quite a challenge. The trick is to make sure that teams can work independently so they can get work done, but be available for the other teams to work together when needed.

Collaboration is a great way to make sure that there isn’t any time wasted because teams diverged too greatly during the project. It’s important to have a system such as this ServiceNow ITSM that is a platform where the various parts of the project can be seen by everybody.

When a project manager can see where a certain team is with their part of the project then it is easier to coordinate with others when the time comes. This will allow them to seamlessly integrate what they are working on.

2. Prioritize certain tasks

It’s a simple fact of life that some parts of the project are going to bog down the entire thing. It’s a bad situation but is even worse when the task that is bogging things down is not even really a high priority at that stage of the project. This is why it’s so important to prioritize tasks in order of importance.

Some tasks can also be prioritized in order of ease of completion. If it looks like a small task can be done early and finished so you can move on then this can also be a good way to increase productivity.

3. Provide the right tools

Too many companies will ask their IT team to continue using outdated tools in the name of saving money. The decrease in productivity is likely costing more money than you are saving, unfortunately. This is why you should always be looking to upgrade and give your team the tools they need to do the job.

Since things can change so quickly in technology, it is a bad idea to continue using outdated software and processes.


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