Best Vegetarian Food Spots Near Victoria Coach Station

Best Vegetarian Food Spots

When you are traveling, you don’t want to have to go hungry, especially if you are traveling by bus for long hours. Being able to eat vegetarian on the road can be tough unless you know about the right places for your meal in the Victoria Coach Station area. Whether you are in a rush or have some time to sit down and eat a meal, you can find vegetarian dining all over near Victoria Coach Station.

Being able to dine when you have dietary needs that are specific is easier than ever in London, and the Victoria Coach Station area is an ideal place to head for this kind of meal. You can find food carts, dining halls, and sit-down restaurants aplenty in this part of the city. Vegan and vegetarian eating have never been so easy!

Before you make the walk to any of these dining locations, be sure that you store your bags safely so that you can have your hands free to enjoy your meal.

Best Vegetarian Food Spots in the Area of Victoria Coach Station

1. Market Halls

This location is the best place to head for a varied dining experience and tons of different vegetarian and vegan dining choices. Market Halls is like a mall devoted to food of various kinds, and there is everything from quick-stop shops here to posh dining locations and pub-style eateries. From yummy curry at Gopal’s Corner to Wild by Tart, which offers unique fusion dishes, there is no shortage of really fun and cool places to eat here. You can sit down for a spell or order to go and pop in quickly to get your meal before you need to get on with your journey.

The general space in Market Halls is really pleasant, and you will love that Market Halls is like an indoor mall for food. You won’t have to walk through the rain to find the perfect place to eat, and this can make it simple to move from dinner to dessert at different locations in this food hall. Between the wide array of choices for food here and the proximity to the station, there are few dining options in this part of the city that are so ideal for those on the go.

2. Main Concourse

If you don’t have time to leave the station, don’t stress yourself out! There are lots of dining options inside the station for those who are running between connections and just need a quick vegetarian meal to go. Caffe Nero will help you to perk up with a caffeine break and a snack that is vegetarian or vegan-friendly, or there is French cuisine to enjoy at Delice de France. Get a pretzel at Knot, or hit up classic options like Burger King for a vegetarian fast-food snack or meal.

The main concourse is always busy, but it is well laid out, which makes it simple to find the food that you have been looking for without too much walking around. Being able to head to connections all over the UK is easy at this terminal, and eating while you are running to your next bus is not a problem inside Victoria Coach Station.

3. Nova

This is a food court-style location that offers you access to all kinds of dine-in and fast-food dining options. You will love how easy it is to navigate this location, and there is a wide array of food options to enjoy if you have dietary limitations or requirements that are hard to meet in other locations. There are 17 restaurants here, and you can walk around under cover as you decide what you’d like to eat before your keep traveling.

Fast food options like Shake Shack are located here, and the Rail House and Poke House offer varied cuisines that can be made vegetarian. You will find that this is more of a mixed-dining option, but most of the restaurants here are able to accommodate dietary requirements effortlessly. The proximity to the station is ideal, as well as the layout of this dining option, and you will be glad that you chose this spot for your meal in between buses. Make sure to consider Novapizza Vegan Kitchen if you want to have access to an entirely vegan and vegetarian menu.

4. Victoria Place

For shopping and dining option that are upscale and enjoyable under one roof, you need to head to Victoria Place. This is one of the nicest malls in this part of the city, and you will be able to find all kinds of cuisines here to enjoy. There is a Caffe Nero if you need a pick me up and easy ready meals like sandwiches at Pret a Manger. You can also head to Mcdonald’s or Tortilla for a quick meal that won’t let you down. This is a great option if you have some time in between your buses and you want to wander and eat and take a little break. This is also a really good choice if you have forgotten something that you need and want to try and grab it at a shop before carrying on with your trip.

Eating Vegetarian Near Victoria Coach Station is Easy

These eateries are some of the best places to head if you are in Victoria Coach Station and you want to get a meal that fits your dietary needs. You don’t have to worry about struggling to find something to eat in this part of the city, and there are all kinds of different types of cuisine on offer. Most of the restaurants in the nearby food courts or dining locations can also adjust their meatier items to fit your needs, which is ideal.

Even if you only have time to head to the concourse for your meal, you have lots of options at this station. There is no reason that you should worry about not being able to eat when you are traveling through Victoria Coach Station. This guide will help you to get the benefit of lots of different dining options at each of these locations to help you to make a perfect choice.


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