The Benefits of Private Jet Membership For Your Business

Private Jet Membership

Many different types of people use private jets, from business people to celebrities and athletes, large groups of friends and families flying together, and people with health concerns that might be exacerbated by commercial airline travel.

Anyone can charter a private jet for one-time use, however, if you’re a frequent flyer, private jet membership offers a multitude of benefits that might make it a more judicious option for your business.

Membership Can Be More Cost Effective

Private jet cards are often a more economical alternative to one-off chartering as with a private jet membership, you’ll only pay for flight time in contrast to on-demand chartering when you’ll also typically be billed for pilot wait time, landing fees and return legs. With a private jet card, you’ll also be aware of your annual flight costs upfront, which makes budgeting easier.

Time Management and Flexibility

When flying privately, you don’t need to arrive at the airport hours before check-in, reducing time wasted in security lines and long queues. It also offers greater flexibility around the dates and times of your departure and arrival so that you can fit your flight plans in with your business rather than vice versa. A private jet card enables easier last-minute travel too, so you can respond quickly to what your business needs.

Enhanced Productivity

With less time spent waiting in lines, and more control over who you travel with, a private jet membership ensures you can stay productive during your travels, doing whatever needs to be done when you’re in the air, whether that’s writing a report, attending a virtual meeting or even catching up on sleep before a conference.

Access to Remote Locations

Unlike commercial flights, which are limited to major airports, private jet membership gives you a greater choice of destinations, and places to land, including remote locations that would otherwise require multiple flights or transfers by car, boat or rail. This allows you to expand your business’s reach across the globe.

Build Stronger Business Relationships

For international businesses, regular travel is essential for sustaining business relationships. Whilst advances in technology allow us to ‘meet’ virtually at the touch of a button, video calls can only go so far. Most of us prefer to do business with people we’ve met and there are many occasions when in-person meetings are essential.

Business travel, therefore, is crucial to forming and maintaining healthy business partnerships and private jet cards offer the flexibility and reliability to facilitate this. Whether it’s via regular business trips, annual meetings or a last-minute visit at a moment’s notice to smooth over issues or discuss a significant matter, private jet membership helps you form stronger bonds with your business connections.

In Summary

Private jet membership offers a whole host of benefits for businesses, including economic savings, greater flexibility and convenience and the ability to build and nurture relationships throughout the world. No matter when or where you need to travel, a private jet card can help you get there without the pitfalls associated with commercial air travel.


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