4 Big Benefits of Bitcoin: Why You Need to Invest Today

Benefits of Bitcoin

What would you do if you suddenly had a few hundred thousand extra dollars in your pocket?

Pay off the house? Go on an extended tropical vacation? Quit your job?

Believe it or not, regular people have been accomplishing all of this and more for years. How? By choosing to invest in bitcoin.

Are you hoping to learn more about the benefits of bitcoin? Are you looking for a few more reasons to buy bitcoin? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of using bitcoin as an investment vehicle.

1. The Potential Returns Are Enormous

According to CNBC, a $100 bitcoin investment in 2009 would have been worth $4.8 million in February 2021. Lots of people are passionate about bitcoin as an alternative to money. But whether you’re a long-term investor or a trader, there’s no denying the fact that bitcoin is a major moneymaker.

And because bitcoin is designed to become more scarce as time goes by, odds are good that those numbers will only continue to go up from here. That’s why no guide to bitcoin is ever complete without some discussion about the fact that your bitcoin stash could fund your retirement.

2. It Could Be Your Financial Backup Plan

If you live in America, the whole idea of living in a dystopian-style Hunger Games environment is hard to imagine outside of the movie screen. But in all honesty, nobody knows what might happen in the future.

In Venezuela, where economic uncertainty is par for the course, many people have started using bitcoin in place of money. And if the dollar dropped to zero or if you had the misfortune of retiring during a stock market crash, bitcoin could potentially play a bigger role than you think.

3. You Can Invest What You Have

Imagine you’ve fallen in love with a utility company that’s trading at $30 a share. If you’re buying those shares in the traditional stock market, you’ll typically have to pay the full $30 each time you add to your portfolio.

For Americans who may not always have a few hundred dollars to spare each month, traditional stock market investing can be very expensive. But with bitcoin, you can buy a fraction of a coin. Whether you have $1000 or $1, you can still own a little more bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin Is Easy to Buy

The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it’s not unusual to find resources that look and feel like traditional money. Case in point, bitcoin can be bought through exchanges as well as ATMs.

Unlike precious metals or exclusive products, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your hands on bitcoin. You can learn more about bitcoin ATMs at https://www.bytefederal.com/what-is-a-bitcoin-atm-how-does-it-work/.

These Benefits of Bitcoin Could Make You Rich

To hear some people tell it, bitcoin is the future of money. But even if you’re not necessarily looking to turn the concept of money on its head, the benefits of bitcoin are compelling on their own. From the sky-high returns to the accessibility and flexibility in terms of funding, the question isn’t if you should invest in bitcoin – it’s how much you should invest once you open your wallet.

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