AZ-104 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 is Microsoft’s latest Azure Administrator certification exam. As with any Microsoft Azure exam, proper preparation is essential for success. In this blog post, we will share our top tips for preparing for the az 104 dumps so that you can earn your certification. We will cover topics such as studying resources, taking practice exams, and understanding the exam format. By the end of this blog post, you will have a better idea of how to approach the AZ-104 exam and what to expect on test day. So let’s get started!

What is the AZ-104 Exam?

The AZ-104 Exam is a Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. It validates your ability to manage Azure subscriptions, secure identity, manage network and storage, and deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs). The AZ-104 certification will earn you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate designation.

Who Should Take the AZ-104 Exam?

The AZ-104 exam is designed for individuals who want to become certified Azure administrators. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including managing Azure resources, implementing and managing storage, deploying and managing virtual machines, configuring and managing networking, and securing and monitoring Azure solutions.

To be eligible for the AZ-104 exam, candidates must have at least six months of experience working with Azure. Candidates must also have a strong understanding of Azure administration, including working with the Azure portal, PowerShell, the Azure CLI, and ARM templates. In addition, candidates should be familiar with core Azure services such as compute, storage, networking, and security.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Azure administrator, we recommend that you take the AZ-104 exam.

How to Prepare for the AZ-104 Exam

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide variety of services, including those for compute, storage, networking, and more. Azure also offers many tools and services for managing and deploying applications. The AZ-104 exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills related to administering Azure resources. In order to prepare for the AZ-104 exam, you should have a strong understanding of how Azure works and be familiar with the various tools and services that it offers. Additionally, you should have experience working with Azure resources, as well as experience in deploying and managing applications on Azure.

What to Expect on the AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 exam is the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. It is designed to assess your ability to configure, deploy, and manage Azure services. The exam consists of four main sections: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure, Managing Identity and Access, Monitoring and Reporting, and Managing Azure Costs. Each section contains a number of sub-sections, each of which covers a specific topic related to Azure administration.

You can expect to see questions on all aspects of Azure administration on the AZ-104 exam. This includes topics such as configuring networking, storage, and compute resources; deploying and managing virtual machines; managing identities with Azure Active Directory; monitoring metrics and activity logs; and managing costs with Azure Resource Manager. You should be familiar with all of these topics before taking the exam.

The AZ-104 exam is not difficult, but it is important to study thoroughly before taking it. There are numerous resources available to help you prepare for the exam, including Microsoft’s own training courseware and third-party study guides. Spend some time reviewing these materials before taking the exam so that you are well prepared.

How to Register for the AZ-104 Exam

The first step is to visit the Microsoft Azure Administrator page.

Next, click on the link for the registration form.

Enter your personal information and click submit.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to schedule your exam date and time.


If you’re looking to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator, then you’ll need to pass the AZ-104 exam. In this article, we’ve provided an overview of the exam and some tips on how you can prepare for it. We hope that this information has been helpful and that you feel confident going into your AZ-104 exam, you could try these Microsoft dumps.


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