Top 4 Annoying Things that Other Drivers Do While Driving


Are you a new driver that has just passed out the driving exam? Well, that is a good thing that you got all the professional information and instructions that will make you a good driver on the road. However, that does not mean that everybody on the road follows the same kind of traffic law that is taught in driving schools. The world outside is not the same as we already know and that applies to driving experiences as well. There are some drivers that drive responsibly but you will definitely come across certain people that can annoy you out of the blue.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most annoying things that other drivers do while driving.

Using Cell Phones – Believe it or not, but lot of drivers have the bad habit of using cell phones and smartphones while they drive and that can be really annoying to many fellow passengers as that is not appreciated. As per the records, millions of people across America have lost their lives because they were using their cell phones or texting someone. Some of the countries across the globe have certain rules that applies to drivers that they cannot use cell phones while they are behind the wheel, but some drivers hardly obey that and respect the traffic law.

Over-speeding – Time is money and therefore it does not matter if you push the accelerator a little harder. Well, at least that is what some of the drivers think while they are behind the wheels. The concept of over-speeding is as old as the history of cars and therefore there are millions of drivers that over-speed on the road that can annoy other drivers and can lead to accidents as well. No matter how urgent the meeting is you need to drive responsibly so that everybody else on the road is safe as well.

No Signaling – You might have definitely come across certain drivers that do not signal when they are changing lanes or even when they are turning left or right. Sometimes you will find drivers that have no idea that their signal lights are blinking unnecessarily giving out wrong signals to the drivers right behind. Now, this can be annoying because you are not really sure on how the car will move in front of you.

Improper Loading – Well, it’s not only annoying but also risky to drive behind a car that has too much of load on it which is just tied up without any basic understanding of force, leverage and wind loading. This can also lead to accidents because some of the items can just drop on the road leading to lot of chaos and accidents which is unwanted.


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