How to Pull the Asian Model Aside?

Asian Model

One of the great benefits of live cam websites is the option of having a private chat with a model of your choice. If you prefer Asian girls, you can find them and make some effort to get a private session. It can be a great experience if you get the most of it. You’re paying for a privilege to watch the shows one-on-one, and your time is usually limited.

Pulling an Asian cam girl aside is not rocket science if you know what to do. You have to do your best to stand out among other viewers and tippers. You will have your challenges, but you must follow some simple rules to get a chance for a hot chat with a sexy Asian.

Show Some Respect

Asian women love guys of culture, perhaps because they come from an environment where politeness and respect for others are highly valued traits. That’s also the case with the ladies who worked as cam models. First of all, they are people, and only then sex workers. It means that they should not be denied respect, even if they will take everything off and tell you nasty words in a few minutes. That’s their job.

You should also show some respect for others in the room. Asian cam models are professionals, and they will make every viewer feel special. But they will undoubtedly notice those who in some way stand out with good behavior (or good tips).

Show Interest

Watching sexy performances along with a few dozen or a hundred other people can be exhausting. Your request for a sexy Asian performer to show you her breasts can easily be skipped because at least a third of the viewers have some demands of their own. It’s simply impossible for a model to meet them all.

Typing a thread after thread is also not the solution. Your nickname is colored in one color when you’re in the room just as a viewer. It changes the shade once you buy tokens and give tips. It’s the first way an Asian cam girl will notice you.

Make sure that your requests are in line with what the cam model prefers (be sure to read the Dos and Don’ts section on its profile). For example, if a cam girl doesn’t perform anything related to anal sex, any of your requests will be rejected, and you will most likely be ignored. Don’t be that guy.

Be a Top Tipper

Some webcam platforms offer the option of watching public shows for free. You don’t have to pay only for watching (for example, per minute), but giving tips is desirable. Cam girls work for the money they get from viewers and the platform they work on. They are not charities. Although camming is often done for fun, good earnings are their primary motive.

So try to ‘motivate’ a chosen performer. Being generous with tips will show that you appreciate the work these ladies do. You increase the chance for a private session if you tip at the very entrance to the room or without any special reason.

After registering on a specific live cam site, you have the option to purchase tokens. They are your ‘ticket’ for a private chat room because they allow you to interact more with the cam girl.

Go Exclusive

Keep in mind that many platforms offer ‘voyeur sessions’ for their users. Some people would gladly pay to watch your interaction with models. They don’t mind chatting, as they usually get turned on just by watching. That’s an excellent chance for a cam girl to earn more.

More on tipping on cam websites read below:

But if you don’t want to share your Asian beauty with others, you have to compensate her. Voyeurs also can tip a model, although they can’t chat with them. So you have to be very, very generous to get an exclusive right for a private session with a hot Asian.

Asian ladies are a bit specific, but they respect men, even if they are only viewers. That’s just one of the reasons why guys are obsessed with these girls. When you’re trying to pull aside a cam model you really like, don’t let the first rejection discourage you. As you get better at chatting and more generous with tipping, you’ll make them take things to the next level.


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