Consumer Alert: Don’t be scammed by bogus charitable organizations

Board of Equalization Chairman, Jerome E. Horton, encourages potential charitable donors, interested in providing financial relief to the victims of the Boston Marathon and Texas fertilizer plant explosions, to beware of charity scams operating in the wake of these tragedies. The fraudulent schemes involve a variety of tactics such as telephone solicitations as well as social media, email, and face–to–face requests for charitable donations. Individuals operating bogus charities operate by randomly contacting people by telephone to solicit money or financial information. Emails are also used to steer people to fraudulent…

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Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood

David Harrison Levi

Truth or “Con”-sequences? A witness reports that self-promoter David Harrison Levi and his followers were apparently escorted out of Café Entourage by security in Hollywood. After others and ourselves have been fooled a couple of times, we started to investigate some of the promotions and actions of Levi and noticed numerous possible misrepresentations of the truth, some people might call that lies or maybe even “conning”? It is time to speak up. Sometimes enough is enough. But let’s take a look, judge for yourselves. We’ve been watching for some time…

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