Fri, 24 Feb 2017

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  • Editorial and Opinions Education: The State and National Right to Protect Sources Shield Laws in the USA

    “A free press depends on the free flow of information from the media to the people and from the
    people to the media. Journalists1 worldwide, whether working for local or national newspapers,
    or national or international television companies, routinely depend on non-journalists for the
    supply of information on issues of public interest. Some individuals (referred to hereafter as
    sources) come forward with secret or sensitive information, relying upon the reporter to convey
    it to a regional, national or international audience in order to achieve publicity and stimulate
    public debate. In many instances, anonymity is the precondition upon which the information is
    conveyed from the source to the journalist; this may be motivated by fear of repercussions
    which might adversely affect their physical safety or job security. In the circumstances,
    journalists have long argued that they should be entitled to refuse to divulge both the names of
    their sources and the nature of the information conveyed to them in confidence. The argument is
    used in relation not only to written information, but also to other documents and materials,
    including photographic images, published or unpublished. Journalists argue that without means
    to protect their confidential sources, their ability, for example, to lay bare corruption of public
    officials would be seriously impaired.”