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On photo Lane McCray Jr. , and Zsófi Farkas known as La Bouche. Photo and Graphic credit to: Lane McCray La Bouche/Nene Musik Productions & La Bouche Official Website

Sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing, sweet dreams of passion through the night!! 90s Dance Sensation La Bouche is back!

In 1994  Electronic Dance Music (EDM) took world by storm and ushered in a new sound for an entire new generation. With over 12 Million records sold worldwide, Billboard and MTV music award nominations and an “Echo” (German Grammy award) and with Mega hits such as  “Be My Lover”  “Fallin’ In Love” and the infectious “Sweet Dreams”  La Bouche remains one of the most popular bands touring today.

Now 23 years later front man Lane McCray Jr. brings LA BOUCHE back with an amazing new rendition of “Sweet Dreams” Enter Hungarian Chanteuse  Sophie Cairo. This coupling of these two golden voices is magic. The two have been touring the globe for the past two years all the while listening to fans who want more new music from the duo so they decided to take action and began working on new material.

“It´s amazing how popular 90’s music is today in fact it has become a genre unto itself. More and more people kept approaching me asking for new music so I finally decided to open a new chapter for La Bouche and McCray Records” says Lane.

Photo graphic credit to: Sophie Cairo / Farkas Zsófi Fan Club

SWEET DREAMS 2017 producers Richard Ulmer and Oliver Aitzetmueller said “ We have been huge fans of La Bouche and a great deal of our memories are connected to the 90’s so it turned out to both an honor and a very pleasant journey having the group record in Vienna at our studios”.

“I had been wanting to do a new  version of “Sweet Dreams” for many years because it was one of my favorite 90s songs. La Bouche were not just another EDM project, their records had several wonderful pop songs so they certainly always stood out. I just knew that Sweet Dreams still had great potential for a new audience so we turned it into the perfect pop song” says Richie as he’s known “Sweet Dreams”  will be released worldwide September 22, 2017 on McCray Records and in Cooperation with WunderLand Records.

Photo and Graphic credit to: Lane McCray La Bouche/Nene Musik Productions & La Bouche Official Website

A music video will be launched on all major online portals the same day as the single release. There will also be some great give-aways to celebrate the return of
La Bouche compliments of McCray Records.

La Bouche Official Merchandise

La Bouche Itinerary
Itinerary as of September 7, 2017

Date Venue City/State
02/11/17 Palm Springs Convention Center Palm Springs, CA
03/16/17 TV Martiza Show Bratislava, Slovakia
03/17/17 We Love 90s Bratislava, Slovakia
03/18/17 Angel’s Arena – We Love 90’s Kosice, Slovakia
03/24/17 Wiener Stadthalle Wien, Austria
04/07-11/17 OFF New York, NY
04/12/17 Roscoe’s Chicago, IL
04/13-14/17 OFF New York, NY
04/15/17 TBA Leipzig, Germany
04/19/17 Olimp Palace of Sport Hall Krasnodar, Russia
04/20/17 Stadium Live Moscow, Russia
04/22/17 Westfalenhalle Dortmund Dortmund, Germany
05/19/17 TBA Helsinki, Finland
05/20/17 TBA Helsinki, Finland
06/02/17 Festival Szeged, Hungary
06/14/17 Wroclaw Wroclaw, Poland
06/17/17 The Belvedere – Kentuckiana Pride Louisville, KY
06/21/17 C89fm – Interview Seattle, WA
06/22/17 Chop Suey Seattle, WA
06/24/17 Public Square Park – Nashville Pride – 4PM Nashville, TN
06/24/17 Joe’s Live – 11pm Chicago, IL
07/07/17 Festival Acona, Italy
07/08/17 Festival Helsinki, Finland
07/22/17 TBA Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
07/29/17 Red Barracks – Polo TV Ostroda, Poland
08/05/17 King Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, Germany
08/11/17 City Club Hall Varna, Bulgaria
08/12/17 Plazs Club
08/14or19/17 Skyline Park Rammingen, Germany
08/26/17 Private Omarova, Kazakhstan
08/28-09/01/17 Video Shoot
09/02/17 Rich’s San Diego, CA
09/03/17 Sacramento Rainbow Festival Sacramento, CA
09/08/17 Private Irkutsk, Russia
09/30/17 Rittal Arena Wetzlar, Germany
10/26/17 Teatro Caupolican Santiago de Chile, Chile
11/10/17 Międzynarodowe Targi Hala Poznan, Poland
11/11/17 Arena Berlin Berlin, Germany
12/02/17 Hala Sportowo Widowiskowa Kozsalin, Poland
12/23/17 Lanxess Arena Koln, Germany
02/10/18 Arena Gdynia Gdynia, Poland
04/14/18 Forum Fribourg Granges-Paccot, Switzerland

La Bouche (French: The Mouth) are an American dance duo based in Germany formed by producer Frank Farianin Frankfurt in 1994, originally consisting of lead singer Melanie Thornton and rapper Lane McCray, scoring major worldwide hits in the mid-1990s with “Be My Lover”, “Sweet Dreams (Ola Ola E)”, “Fallin’ in Love”, “I Love to Love” and “Tonight is the Night” feat. Le Click.

Lane McCray Jr. (born April 13 1962 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina) is a singer and rapper famous for the successful duo La Bouche (more than 10 million sold worldwide). He was stationed in Germany and Turkey with the United States Air Force. As an all-around entertainer in the USA, Lane performed in regional musical theater productions of West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Tom Foolery, Sophisticated Ladies and La Bohème.

McCray left the USAF to pursue his musical career full-time. It was in Saarbrücken, Germany where he met Melanie Thornton (1967–2001) when they fronted the cover band Groovin’ Affairs, going on to form La Bouche.

After Thornton died in a 2001 plane crash while promoting a re-release of her solo album “Ready to Fly“, McCray shied away from the limelight and took some time to mourn his friend and partner. As of 2015 Lane (La Bouche) began working with legendary Hungarian born Sophie Cairo. Together they have forged a musical alliance that is sure to stand the test of time. With a brand new single about to flood the market entitled “Shining Star” the duo seem posed and ready to be rocketed to the top of the charts once again.

He devotes some of his time to those living with HIV/AIDS through local, national, and international foundations. Giving back is a huge part of who he is and is always looking for opportunities to do just that.

Lane is the son of Lane McCray Sr. (1937-2016) and Joyce McCray, brother of Doreen and Deidre and father of Shannon Breonna McCray and glampop to Hamza Ishmael

In September 2016, Lane is set to release a brand new La Bouche single with subsequent tracks to follow to the release of a complete new CD from the group.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is our executive editor-in-chief Steven Escobar month birthday theme song “Be My Lover” by La Bouche from the album Sweet Dreams recorded in 1995. He really loves the the the lyrics and how how the singers sing. You can watch the official video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9bNkpomP7I

“Be My Lover” Lyrics
La da da dee da da da da
La da da dee da da da da
La da da dee da
La da da da dee da
La da da dee da da da da da
Be my lover
Wanna be me lover
Looking back on all the time we spent together
You oughta know right now if you wanna be my lover
Wanna be my lover
Go ahead and take your time, boy you gotta feel secure
Before I make you mine, baby, you have to be sure
You wanna be my lover, wanna be my lover, wanna be my lover
La da da dee da da da da
La da da dee da da da da
La da da dee da
La da da da dee da
La da da dee da da da da da
A ha ye heyee wanna be my lover
A ha ye heyee wanna be my lover
A ha ye heyee wanna be my lover
A ha ye heyee wanna be my lover
I must confess
Girl, yes, I wanna be your lover
Take a chance, my love is like no other
On the dancefloor getting down
Hold tight, I’ll never let you down
My love is definitely the key
Like boyz ii men I’m on bended knee
Loving you, not like your brother, aw yeah
I wanna be your lover
I hear what you say, I see what you do
I know everything I need to know about you
And I want you to know that it’s telling me
You wanna be my lover
Oh be my lover yeeeeehhhh.
Until the end of time, wont you be mine on mine,
Oh be my lover, I know you wanna be my love, I know you wanna be miiine.
Oh be my lover, yeeehhhh.
Written by Melanie Thornton, Donald Mccray, Gerd Saraf • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Visit her official website at: http://officiallabouche.com


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