OPINION: Ryan Seacrest Wants To Take Over All Hollywood Jobs!

Photo credit to: FOX

What’s wrong with some television networks executive producers? Like Kelly Ripa! They give the job to their friend the kisses their ass! Come on Ryan Seacrest is already burn out radio and television personality. Hollywood producers give the opportunity to other new fresh talent. #LivewithKellyandRyan It do not reflect #Diversity. I don’t watch the show neither heard #RyanSeacrest radio show because he is not friendly.

Also close friends or mines who worked with him they tell me that he has attitude and is jealous of others, some of them even quit because they don’t want to work with him.

However Ryan teach me that I am wrong by pitching me to take over your radio show and you can do full time television and I will keep my mouth shot. I got talent, skills, experience and I need a good paying job. So Ryan share the wealth don’t be so greedy. #ABC and Channing Dungey, you can do better so really show that you are charging by reflecting Diversity in your programming.

Don’t you see too much conflict of interest Ryan Seacrest can create when he works with the competion? Also what happens to his professional ethics and loyalty to his employer? #livewithkellyandryan #ryanseacrest#Greedy #Selfish #NoDiversity #DisneyABC #ABCNetworks

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