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LOS ANGELES (January 12, 2017) – Los Angeles drag icon Ingenue stars in an all-new, campy web soap entitled “Roads To Keystone,” currently on YouTube and at www.RoadsToKeystone.com.

In today’s shaky political climate, there is no need to flee to Canada when you are one click away from the escapism in Keystone, Canada, the fictional home of this all-male web soap.  Set across Lake Ontario from Port Charles, New York (home of “General Hospital”), our neighbors to the north serve up shots of high camp and melodrama with a chaser of half-naked hunks and heavy drinkers.  The show follows in the tradition of Shakespearean theater, where men play all the women.  In fact, one actor plays 16 different roles!  True the actors are often in drag, but the characters are not.

Drag queen Ingenue and a small acting ensemble join forces with gay writer-producer-actor George Barr to bring back his 90’s soap.  The original “Roads To Keystone” only aired from Barr’s VHS tapes on the family television; but, with so many shows getting a reboot on various video platforms, Barr knew his characters were itching to “come back from the dead.”

Recently submitted to the Indie Series Awards, “Roads To Keystone” is a comedy unlike any other.  In this one of a kind reboot, you will be treated to old flashbacks from the original series with a fluid timeline (and ongoing joke) that these stories began “some time ago” or “many, many years ago” – twenty-five years to be exact.  The original show was created, produced, and edited on July 3, 1991, and it “aired” to Barr’s biggest audience the next day – 25 people watching in his eldest brother’s living room.  Several more episodes followed, and it ended in 1995.

Photo credit to: Roads To Keystone

With a genuine history and authentic flashbacks, “Roads To Keystone” hopes to gain a new audience that appreciates the soaps of yesteryear and loves guilty pleasure television.  It mixes two parts “Downtown Abbey” with a splash of “The Carol Burnett Show.”  Ingenue herself plays the role of “Annie Lester,” an agoraphobic amnesiac who is desperate to remember her past.  But is her “mother” Marguee sabotaging her? Superstar-in-the-making Brad Ulbrich plays dual roles as hunky hero “Alec Sedgewick” and hunky hillbilly “Vernon Kestel.”  And, YouTube journalist Christopher Smith rounds out the cast bringing forth his character actor genius as “Father Finnegan,” Keystone’s beloved priest … and closeted alcoholic.

Check out the first four episodes, trailers, and even an outtakes reel all on YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZk2k8ickCjj0J8ClHNlPA].

And a GoFundMe campaign is set up to continue to fund the production and keep the episodes coming, www.GoFundMe.com/RoadsToKeystone.

Expect big hair, big costumes, and big drama as “Roads To Keystone” celebrates and exaggerates soaps of yesteryear.  And remember to donate in order to truly be a part of this “one of a kind,” guilty pleasure soap.

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