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Graphic/Logo credit to: National Hispanic Media Coalition

On January 9, 2017, The National Hispanic Media Coalition released the following statement from president and CEO Alex Nogales this morning on the lack of Latino nominees at last night’s 2017 Golden Globes:

“We congratulate the creatives of color who were nominated and who won Golden Globes last night-they have broken barriers in an industry that has been slow to change. These hard-fought successes have made our communities proud, bringing the perspectives of a diverse nation to the country, and we implore Hollywood to increase opportunities for all creatives of color.

“Few Latinos were nominated this year because there are still too few roles offered to Latinos, behind and in front of the camera, especially in film. Today, Latinos make up 18 percent of the population and we need to represent those faces, voices and stories, if we are ever to increase the understanding and empathy that so many performers highlighted in their eloquent acceptance speeches about diversity and inclusion last night.”

Photo credit to: National Hispanic Media Coalition

About Alex Nogales: Alex Nogales is the President & CEO of National Hispanic Media Coalition. Elected President of the NHMC in the late nineties, Alex has tirelessly advocated for the Latino community. He led boycotts against the advertisers of the syndicated “Howard Stern” radio show as a means of getting Stern off the air when he offended the Latino community and the family of the late singing star, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, with his repugnant comments following the singer’s tragic murder. Under Nogales’ leadership, the NHMC has filed over fifty petitions to deny broadcast licenses with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), including one against a Spanish-language radio company for encouraging its DJs to air pornographic radio programming to boost their ratings. Nogales also led high-profile demonstrations against ABC and its parent company, Disney, for its lack of diversity and apparent exclusion of American Latinos from local news reporters and anchor jobs, and intensified discussions with local TV stations across the country. As leader of one of the more visible organizations under the umbrella of the National Latino Media Council (NLMC), for which NHMC acts as secretariat and staff, Alex was instrumental in the signing of Memoranda of Understanding with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox in the year 2000.

And when Latinos in both English and Spanish language television were undercounted by the A.C. Nielsen Research Company, Mr. Nogales led the NLMC fight to force Nielsen to address this shortfall. In his estimation, Nielsen’s undercount limited Latino employment opportunities in English-language television as well as discouraged the development of Latino-themed programming. Fox Television, Nogales’ ally in the fight, recently signed an agreement with Nielsen whereby Nielsen committed fifty million dollars to better train its field representatives to coach Nielsen households on how to correctly use their measuring equipment.

Currently, Nogales is evaluating the diversity performance of the four major television networks, pushing for diversity initiatives, and challenging media entities that are demonizing the Latino immigrant community to boost their radio and television ratings. Indeed, in the past few years the NHMC has emerged as a leader in the fight against hate speech in media. On the heels of the 2006 immigration debate – and the often violent and inaccurate anti-Latino rhetoric associated therewith – the FBI documented a 40% increase in hate crimes against Latinos. Not only has the NHMC called on the government to examine the link between hate speech and hate crimes and to bring light to this serious problem, it has also commissioned the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center to study the issue in the absence of government action. At the same time, Mr. Nogales has met with top cable and broadcast television executives, urging them to ensure fairness and accuracy in their stories that touch on the Latino community. In one such meeting, in late 2009, Alex met with CNN President Jon Klein and urged him to hold Lou Dobbs accountable as a credible journalist or to fire him. Not a week later, Dobbs resigned from CNN.

In addition to the NHMC’s work on hate speech, under Alex’s leadership the organization has increasingly engaged on media and telecommunications policies that impact the Latino community. NHMC has an office in Washington, D.C., and serves as the voice of the Latino community on such issues as diversifying media ownership, broadband deployment and adoption, network neutrality, and many other issues that affect how Latinos communicate and are perceived in mainstream media. For more information visit http://www.nhmc.org/about-us/staff/

About The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC): The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a media advocacy and civil rights organization for the advancement of Latinos, working towards a media that is fair and inclusive of Latinos, and towards universal, affordable, and open access to communications. For more information visit http://www.nhmc.org and to receive real-time updates follow them on Facebook, Twitter @NHMC and Instagram @NHMC_org.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Mr. Alex Nogales of The National Hispanic Media Coalition for speaking up and exercising his first amendment rights with this public statement.

Yes, lots of things needs to change with HFPA producer of the Golden Globe Awards on lack of Diversity! Which starts with their current publicist Sunshine, Sachs & Associates process and behind door deals in selecting media/press members, HFPA membership requirements, the nominations and award winners selection. A join statement from Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News Publications and Diversity News Productions CEO, President, Executive Editor-In-Chief and Executive Producer Steven Escobar will be publish in the coming days.

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